Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng Announce Second Pregnancy

Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng Announce Second Pregnancy

Grace Chan (陳凱琳)and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) got married in August 2018 and gave birth to their son, Rafael Cheng, in February 2019. Since his birth, Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng have been focusing most of their time on their son. Grace Chan hasn’t been in an acting project for quite some time now. A few days ago, there were rumors swirling Grace Chan was pregnant with her second child. The Hong Kong media were right on the ball with this one as Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng announced their second pregnancy on May 20.

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Grace Chan wrote: “Rafa will become a big brother soon~ So happy to be able to announce our family will have a new member on “520”! Very thankful to my husband for attentively taking care of me during this time. Also much thanks to my family and friends for helping me keep this secret and also for sending us so much love and blessings!…”

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Grace Chan spoke with Oriental Daily News saying, “Thanks everyone for your concern, really very happy and can finally announce it. I am carrying the second pregnancy very well. My family, especially my husband, are taking care of me very well. So my mood is very good. Hope to continue happily carrying the baby. I already psychologically prepared myself for being a mommy the second time around. So I am pretty relaxed.”

Kevin Cheng also spoke to Oriental Daily News and had this to say, “Having a family, having a wife, having a child, made me realize that the biggest joy in the world is spending time with family. After getting married, life was spent very happily. It was very enriching. I am very much looking forward to our new member’s arrival. Happy to death.”

Credit:, Kevin Cheng IG