GOT7’s Jackson Wang Didn’t Know Hong Kong’s Tourist Attractions

GOT7 Hard Carry 2 Hong Kong

K-pop boy band, GOT7, was in Hong Kong last month for their concert tour, “Eyes On You.”  While in Hong Kong, the group took an opportunity to film for variety show, “Hard Cary 2.”  As member, Jackson Wang is a native of Hong Kong and was also appointed the “Hong Kong Tourism Envoy”, the members could rest knowing he would be able to bring the group to the best tourist attractions.  Well, it turns out everyone including their fans were wrong.  

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When Jackson saw the mission card, he didn’t know what Hong Kong attraction the image was supposed to represent.  The rest of GOT7 were puzzled as to how a Hong Kong born and bred Jackson didn’t know of Hong Kong’s famous attractions.  Jackson was quick to respond that it was due to him  living in Korea for the past eight years.  He also reveals that he has been  been living in the Cheondam-dong area for a bit now, so he is very familiar with the area.  

Unfortunately, once GOT7 reached Hong Kong, it started raining.  Jackson, ever so sharp and quick-witted explained that rain is a good thing.  The members got to their destination, the famous Victoria Peak, wearing rain coats and all.  The members also took pictures at the wax museum located at The Peak.  What’s pretty alarming is the tour bus the group traveled with had the Chinese letters “雙囍”, printed on it.  The words are usually used for Chinese wedding banquets, so it’s pretty clever the group used a decoy to travel freely in Hong Kong without raising much attention.