William Chan Confesses His Feelings to Sandra Ma

William Chan Sandra Ma Age of Legends Love Confession

Don’t worry, William Chan (陳偉霆) is only confessing his love to Sandra Ma (馬思純) in “Age of Legends” (橙紅年代), which is currently airing.  As far as we know, the Hong Kong heartthrob is still single.  In the drama, William plays “Liu Ziguang” (劉子光) who suffers emotional trauma and becomes a wanderer after his father dies.  He is traveling by bus and gets into a car accident.  He is seriously injured and falls into a coma for seven days.  Someone discovers him at a beach and sends him to the hospital.

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After he wakes up from a coma, he suffers from short term memory loss and can only remember what happened up to 8 years ago.  He goes back to his hometown since he can only remember back that far.  While he’s there he witnesses a child being kidnapped and tries to stop it.  This is when he meets Sandra Ma’s character, ” Hu Rong” (胡蓉), who is a policewoman.

William Chan and Sandra Ma Can’t Keep Their Hands to Themselves in “Age of Legends”

Through their many interactions, Liu Ziguang finally realizes his feelings for Hu Rong.  He musters up the courage to confess to Hu Rong, but is clueless. Even fans are cheering for Liu Ziguang to quickly confess.  Before he does the love confession, he surprises Hu Rong with a gun salute, which scares her off.  Then he decides to use a stuffed animal with a recording that says, “I like you.” However, when he prepares to play it for Hu Rong, it doesn’t work.  While he is trying to fix it, Hu Rong gets a call and has to leave before Liu Ziguang gets it working again.  

Credit: iFeng, Two Eggz