William Chan Didn’t Shower for Three Months to Prepare for “Age of Legends”

William Chan Didn't Shower for Three Months to Prepare for "Age of Legends"

Hong Kong actor, William Chan’s, (陳偉霆) new series “Age of Legends” (橙紅年代) has already started airing in China.  In a recent special to promote the series, William shared what he went through to prepare for his character, “Liu Ziguang” (劉子光).

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In an earlier interview, William revealed in order to portray “Liu Ziguang’s” trials and tribulations, he decided not to shower for three months.  It got to a point where the cast and crew started to despise him.  In the series, “Liu Ziguang” is poor and has to do various odd jobs like selling barbecue skewers and being a security guard to survive.  He lives a very common and ordinary life.   In order to get into character, William says he went to the streets to study street vendors to really portray the life “Liu Ziguang” lived. 

William also has a lot of action scenes in the series.  Before filming, he did a lot of prep work for his character.  He trained a lot to gain more muscle and when the situation allowed it, he would do the action scenes himself.  During filming, a lot of fans didn’t recognize him.  Williams says a lot of the changes come from switching between different temperaments.  In the special, he reveals he doesn’t want to think about “Liu Ziguang”s” character, but even he’s starting to walk like him in real life.  William says, “I hope everyone can see a different performance method from William Chan.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, Weibo