Singer Jason Chan and Wife Welcome Baby Girl

Hong Kong singer, Jason Chan (陳柏宇) announced on his Instagram his wife, Leanne Fu (符曉薇) gave birth to a healthy baby girl today with a family picture of the three.  Jason reveals her English name is Abigail.  He said, “Once I saw her, I couldn’t help but cry.”  

Leanne, who originally planned to have Abigail on October 19th via C-section, spoke with Oriental Daily News shortly after giving birth and felt shocked that the baby came early.    She reveals, “I just gave birth and am waiting outside the surgery room.  She is over five pounds and is being cleaned right now.  It’s very touching.  Once she was born, we both cried.  Once she saw Jason, she stopped crying.  I’m very touched, happy, excited.  The normally daring Jason was afraid of cutting the umbilical cord.  I’m worried about not having help because the day I check out of the hospital, Jason is opening a concert in Zhongshan, China. “

Jason reveals, “I’m very happy, very excited, very touched! I cried when I saw her.  She’s so cute, I don’t want to let goof her.  I wanted to accompany the baby because she is getting her body temperature warmer, but my wife wanted me to stay with her.  As for the Zhongshan concert, I’m not worried.  Someone will be picking her up from the hospital.  We’ll make arrangements later.”

Even though Abigail is only a day old, the excited parents have opened an Instagram account for her already.  They’ve already uploaded pictures of Abigail to greet the world.  As for Leanne, she has expressed jealousy already,  “Welcome to the world, Abigail.  Starting today, Mr. Chan’s vision  has been occupied by another woman already.  He already forgot his wife’s last name.”

Credit:, Leanne Fu IG

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