Kenneth Ma Chooses Money Over Best Actor Award

Kenneth Ma Chooses Money Over Best Actor Award

TVB held a press conference, “TVB Power” to promote their upcoming series.  In attendance were Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Ali Lee (李佳芯), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) to promote their upcoming main series, “Big White Duel” (白色強人).  

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Kenneth Ma: Money is more practical

Kenneth Ma, who lost out to Vincent Wong last year for TVB’s “Best Actor Award”, keeps it 100, when asked if he yearns to win this year’s best actor award.  Kenneth honestly replies, “I rather get more money.  I hope the company listens to our comments.  I don’t have enough money to spend.”

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A reporter asks, “Don’t you long to win awards?” Kenneth is blunt and says, “Money is more practical.  I actually don’t have an anniversary series this year.  “Big White Duel” should be airing next year.  I only have “Deep in the Realm of Conscience”《宮深計2深宮計》this year.  I don’t even know if I am the main actor or supporting actor.  I am not disappointed.  Let’s see if we can register to not attend the TVB awards ceremony.  Of course to go earn money.  If there is no award, of course I want the prize money!  It’s very simple in this industry.”

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Ali Lee: I have to be confident in myself

As for Ali, she follows Kenneth’s sentiments and replies, “I am very poor.”  She laughingly says, “Let me follow up to what [he] said.”, which Kenneth compliments Ali, “You know how to play in this industry.  Of course say you’re very poor.”

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When asked if Ali has confidence in winning best actress for her role in “Who Wants a Baby?”《BB來了》, she responds, “You have to be confident in yourself,  because you work so hard on the series.  Everyone deserves a chance to win, but it’ll depend on the situation, the company.  We can’t plan on it.”

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Kenneth also adds, “There is only one award, if everyone can get prize money, then it’ll be great for everyone.”  He was also recently vacationing with girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong, in Ko Samui, Thailand.  Kenneth reveals he was practicing taking pictures for Jacqueline.  Even though he was yelled at for not taking good pictures,  he has improved a lot.  When asked about future wedding plans, he says there are no talks of that right now.

E/N: It seems Kenneth and Ali are pretty blunt about the award situation and not kissing up to TVB.  I think it’s time for Kenneth to get one, but he doesn’t have any good series this year.  

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