Hugo Wong Practiced Abstinence for 16 Months Since Sex Scandal with Fan

Hugo Wong Practiced Abstinence for 16 Months Since Sex Scandal with Fan

The 37 year old actor, Hugo Wong (黃子恆), is getting a lot of praise for his role as “Cesar”, the head of the Airport Security Unit in “Airport Strikers” (機場特警). This can be considered a clean slate for Hugo Wong. In 2016, he was accused of being the third party in singer-actress Hiromi Wada’s (和田裕美) marriage. In late 2018, a Chinese fan claimed he abandoned her after hooking up with her and got her pregnant.

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Hiromi Wada

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At the same time, singer, TikChi (迪子), also said he would constantly bother her looking to hook up. He was starting to get popular at the time, but his image was impacted because of this and he was given the title “scumbag of the century”.

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It just so happens when his sex scandal broke out, Hugo Wong was filming “Airport Strikers”. In an interview with Oriental Daily News, he mentioned he was under a lot of pressure. His cast mates encouraged him, but he was still unsure of the path ahead. With the uncertainty and the added stress, he ended up getting diagnosed with a panic disorder. Hugo Wong said, “During this time, I wasn’t able to hide at home by myself. The biggest impact was not being able to breathe. My heart was always stiff. Even though this has passed for a few years, but I am still taking medicine for it.” As for regrets, he said, “There are a lot of decisions in life that might not be the best, but there is nothing to regret. The most important thing is to learn your lesson, grow from it, and understand what you should and shouldn’t do.”

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Because of this incident, Hugo Wong admits he paid a heavy price for it. When facing the opposite sex, he avoids them right now. He explained, “If there is someone I like, I have fears, so I rather focus on my career. Knowing that I am not good with relationships, then I shouldn’t be persistent in it.” Hugo Wong is no longer in contact with that fan. He is thankful to TVB for not giving up on him and reveals they gave him opportunities after his punishment. He expressed, “There are tiny differences in the status of my roles. Like “Amelia’s Rhapsody” (愛美麗狂想曲) and “Legal Mavericks 2″ (踩過界Ⅱ), I became guest stars. Of course the punishment is reasonable. As a public figure, I must endure it. I hope in the coming days, everyone will feel I’ve changed.”

Hugo Wong admits he has already learned his lesson and says he has abstained from sex for 16 months. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with female colleagues, Hugo Wong would take the initiative to keep a distance from them during work. He has no private interactions with the female cast members from the series. As for Snow Suen (孫慧雪), who plays his wife in the series, they’ve known each other for over 10 years. This was their first time working together and as a couple. There are a lot of intimate scenes, but he says Snow Suen didn’t seem shy at all. Snow Suen expressed, “Hugo is really good, very professional. Because this was my first series after giving birth, I was very nervous. He constantly encouraged me and even said, ‘You can do it! Be more natural.’ So we had a lot of rapport when we were filming.”

Actress Erin Wong (王卓淇) plays Hugo Wong’s ex-girlfriend in the series. When asked about filming with Hugo Wong at the time of the scandal, she expressed, “He seemed alright at the time. I didn’t feel like he was avoiding anything. He is a very nice and good senior, but because I didn’t have a lot of scenes, so we didn’t really have much interactions. When I first entered the industry, my first show was “Own Sweet Home” (安樂蝸). He was the guest. When we were filming, I brought it up to him and he said he remembered.”

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