Miss Hong Kong 2015 Winner, Louisa Mak’s Ex-Boyfriend, Joseph Lam Chok, Disses Her to Defend Current Girlfriend, Hiromi Wada

Miss Hong Kong 2015 Winner, Louisa Mak's Ex-Boyfriend, Joseph Lam Chok, Disses Her to Defend Current Girlfriend, Hiromi Wada

Even though Louisa Mak (麥明詩) is no longer a part of TVB, the Miss Hong Kong 2015 winner still showed up at the Miss Hong Kong 2020 pageant on August 30 to show her support. What’s interesting is that Louisa Mak’s ex-boyfriend, Joseph Lam Chok (林作), was also present with his current girlfriend, Hiromi Wada (和田裕美). The three of them being present at the same event became a talking point and resulted in several news articles.

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In the wee hours of August 31, Joseph Lam posted an hk01.com article that was comparing Louisa Mak to the “ordinary and unremarkable Hiromi” on his social media accounts saying the following, “Hiromi is truly prettier than Louisa Mak by a lot. Her figure is also definitely better. Her looks are definitely first class. Definitely not ordinary, can even be described as raging. Came here tonight as an audience member. Does she have to come dressed like she’s joining a pageant?”

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Netizens were puzzled by this move and felt he was “tasteless” for attacking his ex-girlfriend. Joseph Lam made several other posts and claimed he only made this post in retaliation to hk01.com’s articles attacking his girlfriend, Hiromi Wada. Some netizens went to the extreme and attacked Hiromi Wada in the comments, including making fun of her older pictures. Hiromi Wada also defended her boyfriend for sticking up for her seeing that she was being ridiculed. She also explained what Joseph Lam said was just his own personal preference and doesn’t understand why people are attacking him instead of the person who wrote about her.

HK01.com followed up with an article on Joseph Lam’s aforementioned post and even shared pictures that showed him looking at an article of Louisa Mak on his phone at the night of the pageant. Joseph Lam also made another response, “I had no intentions of getting other people involved. Definitely not trying to bother other people, but accusing me of looking at her pictures is definitely unjustly framing me. That report contained a picture of Hiromi Wada and me. I was only scrolling down to see if there were any others. I am reiterating once again, I don’t need to use anyone. I have enough people to talk about, but to defend myself against injustice, it’s basic.”

When news outlets reached out to Louisa Mak for a comment, she responded, “No comment, I don’t want to fall into a trap.” Louisa Mak and Joseph Lam reportedly dated for three years before breaking up in 2016. Joseph Lam was a former barrister and a “super tutor”. He now runs his own insurance brokerage firm, a second hand luxury goods shop, and a jewelry company with Hiromi Wada. He is a semi-celebrity in his own right as he is often in the news for his views.

Credit: hk01, hk.on.cc, IG (1, 2)

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