Cecilia Cheung Shuts Down Rumors She’s Pregnant for the Fourth Time

Cecilia Cheung Shuts Down Rumors She's Pregnant for the Fourth Time

Pregnancy rumors started swirling around Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) the past few days because of this video she posted on her Instagram account. Netizens noticed a slight “bump” in her stomach area, which spurred rumors that Cecilia Cheung might be pregnant for the fourth time.

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Cecilia Cheung addressed the rumors on August 31 in an Instagram video explaining that she was shopping with her toddler, Marcus, and she noticed she was being followed by a few reporters taking pictures of them. They asked her if she was pregnant, which she didn’t respond to at the time because she was carrying her baby and was worried they would scare him as they were really close. In the video though, she shut down the pregnancy rumors saying, “Definitely not pregnant, not pregnant now, nor will I be pregnant in the future because it’s really enough. Not having more kids!”

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Cecilia Cheung has two sons, Lucas and Quintus, with ex-husband, Nicholas Tse. She surprised everyone when she announced the birth of her third son, Marcus, in December 2018. The identity of Marcus’ father has always been a mystery and have spurned many speculations that he was either a Singaporean businessman or a foreigner.

Cecilia Cheung thanking a reporter helping her pick up her son’s toy from that day

Credit: hk01, Cecilia Cheung Studio

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