Cecilia Cheung Reportedly Kicked Off Plane For Getting into Kerfuffle with Flight Attendant

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and her three sons were vacationing in Samui, Thailand and scheduled to return to Hong Kong on March 9. A netizen reported that Cecilia Cheung was carrying her baby, Marcus, in the aisle of the Business Class cabin. A flight attendant had alerted her that she was blocking the walkway. As a result, the two got into a kerfuffle. This netizen claims, “Afterwards, heard the flight attendant loudly tell her to get off the airplane. A lot of security guards got on the plane. After arguing for close to an hour, Cecilia Cheung and her whole family got off the plane.”

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This netizen claims, “She was part of the first group who boarded the plane. She probably didn’t mean to block the walkway. Just that she was carrying her baby and her actions were slower. She was rushed by the flight attendant and told to sit down. When I passed by, I heard her tell her younger brother they were told off by the flight attendant. Her younger brother was pretty worked up.”

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As the commotion lasted for close to an hour, a lot of passengers were getting agitated. The netizen revealed, “I saw her get up and argue with the flight attendant and wouldn’t leave. They wouldn’t take off either. Everyone was hoping she would hurry up and get off the plane.” In the end, Cecilia Cheung and her family all got off the plane and were escorted away. There were a lot of security guards surrounding them. Ater they got off the plane, Marcus was being cared for by a staff worker. Cecilia Cheung was seen looking at her phone calmly. It’s reported Cecilia Cheung and her family flew from Samui to Bangkok to fly back to Hong Kong.

Cecilia Cheung posted a series of IG stories showing her travels. She hasn’t responded to the incident yet.

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Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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