Cecilia Cheung Officially Announces Birth of Third Son

Cecilia Cheung Officially Announces Birth of Third Child

A few weeks ago, rumors were rampant over Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) giving birth to her third child, a son.  The news wasn’t confirmed by Cecilia Cheung’s camp nor were there any pictures of her baby.  Days after the news came out, she was seen out and about, making many question if she was really pregnant.  There’s no need to doubt anymore as Cecilia Cheung finally confirmed the news of her giving birth to her baby boy today.  She posted a cartoon picture of her with sons, Lucas and Quintus, and her holding a baby. 

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On her work studio Weibo, they posted the following message: “Dear fans, media, and colleagues, the studio is happy to announce some good news on behalf of Cecilia:  Ms. Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third son in November.  Her children and family has always been the most important people in her life.  In the coming days, Cecilia will be giving it her all to raise her three children and giving them the best living conditions for them to grow up.  At the same time, she will give it her all to give everyone even better projects.  “Little Prince” has already reached his 30 day birthday.  Thanks to everyone for your support and wishes.” 

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In a short video, Cecilia Cheung also announces today is the 30th day birthday of her “Little Prince.”  As for the father of the baby, Cecilia Cheung didn’t reveal his identity.  

Credit: Cecilia Cheung Weibo, Cecilia Cheung Work Studio Weibo 

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