Sonia Sui Has Given Birth to Baby Boy, Olie

Sonia Sui Tony Hsieh Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Olie

Taiwanese actress, Sonia Sui (隋棠), has given birth to a baby boy, named Olie, her third child with husband, Tony Hsieh.  Sonia Sui posted a picture of her with Olie and Tony, seemingly moments after giving birth on Facebook today.  The actress shocked fans two months ago when she announced her pregnancy as she wasn’t showing yet even though she was already seven months pregnant!  The couple are already parents to son, Max, and daughter, Lucy.  

Sonia Sui Announces Third Pregnancy in Three Years

The picture includes the following caption: “Having children makes you look like a crazy lady.  I don’t have the luck of giving birth prettily.  There is no such thing as hurting the most, just hurting even more.  Why does each baby look bigger and stronger than the previous one?  It turns out, I am the strongest one.  I am really hale and hearty!”

Congratulations to Sonia and Tony! 

Credit:, Sonia Sui IG