Sonia Sui Announces Third Pregnancy in Three Years

Congratulations are in order for Taiwanese actress, Sonia Sui (隋棠) and her non-industry husband, Tony Hsieh as Sonia announced she’s pregnant with her third child, named Olie, on Facebook today.  

Sonia, who was recently on vacation with Tony in Europe, announced on her Facebook, “The reason why Max and Lucy are not here with us is simple.  After third child, Olie, is born, it’ll be hard for Tony and I to have alone time.”

Sonia Sui Has Given Birth to Baby Boy, Olie

ETtoday reporters reached Sonia’s manager’s for comment and revealed, ” She should be around three months pregnant as we haven’t arranged work for her since the end of last year.” 

Sonia had previously expressed the desire to have a third child, but had to make sure Tony agreed and also considered their children’s well being, afraid they would get jealous with a new member of the family.  It looks like Sonia got the family approval!

Congratulations Sonia and Tony! 

Credit: (1, 2), Sonia Sui Facebook