Taiwanese Actress, Cheryl Yang, is a Married Woman

Taiwanese Actress, Cheryl Yang, is a Married Woman Instagram

Love must be in the air as another celebrity has announced their marriage.  In three days, three celebrity couples have announced they had already wed, entirely skipping the engagement process.  Taiwanese actress, Cheryl Yang (楊謹華), who rose to fame in idol drama, “My Queen” (敗犬女王), has announced her marriage to her non-industry boyfriend, Ben, after dating for two years.   The couple registered their marriage today in the Neihu district.  Cheryl Yang’s mother and manager were present as witnesses. 

Cheryl Yang announced her marriage news in the following Facebook post: “Hello everyone.  I am Mrs. Chan.  I am no longer Ms. Yang.  I like my new identity very much and treasure it very much.  Starting from when we first got together to now, what I look most forward to is seeing you giving me the warmest smile and abundance of love every time.  In these 1095 days, I am thankful for having you.  Love allowed us to support each other, take care of each other, grow up together.  In the upcoming days, we must continue living like this, Mr. Chan.” 

She also clarified the rumors of Ben being a wealthy oil tycoon.  It turns out Ben is a supplier for petroleum equipment.  His income is not particularly high, but is enough to take care of Cheryl Yang in this lifetime.  It has always been just Cheryl Yang and her mother since young.  After marriage, Ben will also be living with his mother in law to take care of her.  As for Ben’s parents, they split their time between Texas and Taipei.  

When asked if she was pregnant, Cheryl Yang quickly responded, “Of course not.”  The two expressed they want to have children maybe a year or two later, but says it all depends on fate.  

Credit: ETtoday.net, Apple Daily TW (1, 2), Cheryl Yang IG 

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