Louisa Mak No Longer “TVB’s Own Daughter” as She Signs “Per Show Contract”

Louisa Mak No Longer "TVB's Own Daughter" as She Signs "Per Show Contract"

The 2015 Miss Hong Kong, Louisa Mak (麥明詩), is known for being a scholar as she graduated from the prestigious University of Cambridge with a law degree. When she was competing for the crown, she was already known for her academic prowess. After signing with TVB, she was given hosting gigs and a shot at acting. She is best known for her often bold statements on the TVB variety show, “Young And Restless” (#後生仔傾吓偈).

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Even though she has been given opportunities by TVB, Louisa Mak has been absent from the tv screens lately. The last time she was on screen was for the “Young and Restless” Canadian special. She was also missing from this year’s TVB Anniversary Gala show, which she had consecutively attended in previous years. Louisa Mak also expressed she wasn’t feeling too happy lately and took over a month break.

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It’s reported Louisa Mak’s contract with TVB is about to expire. TVB had already reached out to her earlier to discuss contract renewal. However, it’s reported that instead of signing with TVB to be their “own daughter”, she has now signed a “per show” contract on a yearly basis. It’s speculated Louisa Mak did this to focus on her law career since she got her license to practice law in the US last year.

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Oriental Daily News reached out to Louisa Mak about the contract signing and she confirmed that she had signed a “green leaf contract” (綠葉約). She expressed, “I don’t just look at money. This change is so that I can I have more flexibility with my time. I want more personal time. In short, I am not going to become a trainee lawyer! I won’t say much on other things. Right now I am on a break and resting. I would go back and film shows here and there.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, Louisa Mak IG