Former Miss Hong Kong Winners Involved in Another Social Media Feud

Crystal Fung Louisa Mak Lisa Ch'ng Mat Yeung

This must be the year of Miss Hong Kong contestants feuding against each other.  Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) is in the hot seat for her recent comments about girls marrying into wealth being “public restrooms”.  She is now caught in the middle of a shouting match on social media between two other former Miss Hong Kong winners, Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) and Louisa Mak (麥明詩).

Former Miss Hong Kong Crystal Fung Says “Girls Marrying into Wealth are Public Restrooms”

Lisa had the following things to say about Crystal’s “public restroom” comments, “Whether it’s a Miss Hong Kong or not, as an artist, you shouldn’t be saying those things, especially on a show.  This will impact young people and they will be influenced.  She [Crystal], as the first place winner, especially shouldn’t be saying these words.  It ruins the image of Miss Hong Kong and makes it cheap.”

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Some of Crystal’s supposed fans attacked Lisa for not minding her own business.  This prompted Lisa’s boyfriend and fellow TVB artist, Mat Yeung, to defend her saying, “She didn’t drag anyone.  She is just expressing her opinion in response to reporters’ questions.  No one yelled at her [Crystal].  You guys are yelling nonstop at someone who is just expressing their opinion.  You guys are too extreme.”  One of Mat’s fans expressed disappointment in his actions saying, “I’m also heartbroken.  I started supporting you ten years ago.  Although I understand you want to protect your girlfriend, but she is only publicly shaming Crystal to stand out.”   

Lisa Addresses the Haters

Mat Yeung Accused of Being a Kept Man, Lisa Ch’ng Clears the Air

In her Instagram Story yesterday, Lisa addressed the following to her haters, “Stop attacking me without taking responsibility for your words.  Everyone has the right to express their opinions, no one is right or wrong.  If you can’t accept other people’s opinions, then stop saying “This society has free speech.” because in your world, this idea doesn’t exist.  You guys don’t allow others to have different opinions.  You would try your hardest to use the most vicious words to attack someone that disagrees with you.  This type of thinking is terrifying, but I won’t fear.”

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Louisa Claps Back 

Crystal had indirectly responded to the backlash, but didn’t address anyone in particular.  Louisa was also on the same show as Crystal and had similar sentiments.  However, Lisa’s comments triggered Louisa to go on social media to defend Crystal.  Louisa directly addresses Lisa’s “cheap” comment with four word idioms on Instagram.  She starts with, “What is cheap? Jumping on the bandwagon, seeing an opportunity and abandoning morals, hurting others for your own gain, sitting back and benefiting from other people without effort.  It is shallow to make assumptions based on one or two sentences.”  Louisa ends the post with the hashtag indicating the show, “Young and Restless” contains an episode talking about a cheap woman.  After Louisa posted that comment, she received an outpour of support from fans with some criticizing Lisa for being fake and sitting on a high horse.

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Lisa’s Turn to Clap Back

When talking to the media today, Lisa claims she was only expressing her opinion when asked about Crystal’s comments.  She explains she wasn’t talking about a person, but at the words that were said on the show.  In the end, she ended up being the one targeted for attack.  She expressed, “I just  got back home to Malaysia for my mom’s birthday.  I was so unhappy, I couldn’t sleep the whole night.  From the beginning, I was only talking about my feelings.  If you guys don’t agree, that’s fine if you just support a one sided view.  But don’t attack me just because of the word “cheap.”  Then who is shallow? I am only expressing my views.  If I can’t even do that, then why don’t you just poison me until I’m mute!”

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On the topic of Louisa’s Instagram post, Lisa expresses, “Please set the facts straight.  She knows what kind of a person I am.  She should know I’m not like that.  After I replied, I was told to take a seat, but it’s fine; I think it’s troublesome.”  As for Mat getting dragged into this, Lisa says, “He only wants to protect me.  I’m upset at the way he’s being trashed, but some things are just unreasonable.  I’ll just suck it up, keep at it until it stops, what can I do?”

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