Yamapi Suprises Audience in Amuro Namie’s Final Performance Before Retirement

Amuro Namie Yamapi Final Concert

Long reigning J-Pop queen, Amuro Namie, announced last year she would retire from the music industry on the 26th anniversary of her debut, which lands on September 16 of this year.  

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Amuro, 40, wrote a letter addressing her fans last year that she had decided to retire and focus the last year of her career making a final album and holding farewell concerts.  On the eve of her retirement, she held a final concert in her hometown, Okinawa.  As the concert arena only seats 3,500 people, an outpour of fans were waiting outside in the rain hoping to experience a bit of Amuro’s final performance.  

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The highlight of the concert was the surprise guest appearance from former idol group NEWS’ member, Yamapi.  Amuro and Yamapi collaborated on a duet called “Unusual” seven years ago and performed the same song at the concert.  What makes this reunion special aside from it being Amuro’s final performance is that it dispels the long time rumor there was discord between the two.  Aside from Yamapi, queen of Taiwanese pop, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) also participated in Amuro’s farewell concert, performing Jolin’s song “I’m Not Yours”, where Amuro was featured.

Credit: Ming Pao

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