Hugo Wong and Louisa Mak Have a Workplace Relationship in “OMG, Your Honour”

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TVB’s next anniversary series, “OMG, Your Honour (是咁的,法官閣下), aired its first episode today.  The cast of the series were all wearing lawyer’s robes to promote the series yesterday.  Hugo Wong (黃子恆) and Louisa Mak (麥明詩) portray lawyers who work at the same law firm, where Hugo Wong is Louisa Mak’s boss. 

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When asked if they play a couple in the series, Hugo Wong says, “In the beginning, my character actually rejects the idea of having female employees.  There’s a bit of gender discrimination there.”  Louisa Mak adds, “It’s because he was hurt by a woman before.  The storyline talks about how our relationship slowly evolves into a couple and the typical office politics, just like TVB.”  

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Louisa is asked if she is dating, to which she says she hasn’t found anyone yet and that she is trying hard.  She also reveals that she might not want to date someone from the entertainment industry.  She feels that finding someone from a different culture or background can broaden her horizons.  Hugo Wong points out that Louisa Mak’s personality is one to always take the initiative, opposite of her character in the series.  

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When asked if Louisa Mak initiated anything towards him, Hugo Wong laughs and says he was only referring to her attitude towards work.  Louisa then says, “If I did ask him on a date and he refused, then I would be a fool.”  Hugo Wong comforts her and says, “If you want to have dinner plans, I will ask other people to join.”, which the reporters said, this was giving a green light for them to advance to the next level.  He jokes and says, “It’s a yellow light.”, implying nothing is happening right now.

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