Netizens are Praising Eddie Kwan is Aging Like Fine Wine

Eddie Kwan TVB OMG Your Honour

Veteran TVB actor, Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), has experienced a resurgence in his career after starring as the other male lead in TVB’s “OMG, Your Honour” (是咁的,法官閣下).  Netizens are particularly interested in the male bonding with Ben Wong (黃智賢) and are calling for them to get the “Best Couple” award at the TVB Anniversary Awards show.  Eddie Kwan says this is his first time portraying a lawyer in a Hong Kong series.  Because of the legal jargon, it was a bit difficult for him to memorize the lines at first, but as time passed, he finally got into a rhythm.  

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Even though he is 56 years old, many netizens are praising Eddie Kwan’s good looks and even grouped him as part of a new generation of aging hunky men.  Eddie Kwan attributes his good looks to a healthy diet and regular exercise.  He even says he’s very vain and cares about his looks.  He has been filming “Airport Security Unit” (機場特警) recently with a bunch of younger male studs who are all in tip top shape.  To this, Eddie Kwan says, “I am definitely not going at it as hard as they are, but it’s still very difficult.  I said I can’t take off my shirt, but I still have to wear short sleeve shirts.  It’s like we’re filming “Police Cadet ’84” (新紮師兄) again, but now I am the supervisor.  I hope there will be some breakthroughs as there will be scenes of us jumping from the roof top or leaping out from a plane.”  

When asked about Felix Wong’s (黃日華) wife, Leung Kit Wah’s (梁潔華) recurring illness,  Eddie Kwan says he sees him every Wednesday when they play soccer.  Eddie Kwan says, “Brother Felix says everything is fine and thanked us for caring.  He really loves Sister Kit.  He’s very cheerful every time I see him.  Maybe because Sister Kit is slowly recuperating, his mood seems more relaxed.  

Credit:, Eddie Kwan IG