Kelly Cheung Reveals 10 Unknown Trivia Facts about Her

Kelly Cheung Reveals 10 Unknown Trivia Facts about Her

Kelly Cheung’s (張曦雯) popularity shot up after starring in the 2018 series, “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線). TVB has been giving her a lot of opportunities and has promoted her to leading lady status after starring in “Big White Duel” (白色強人), “The Man Who Kills Troubles” (解決師), “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV), etc. She recently finished filming a series with Him Law and is currently filming “Legal Mavericks 2” (踩過界II) with Vincent Wong. Her career reached another milestone when she won the Most Improved Female Artist at the 2019 TVB Anniversary awards.

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Since then, she has earned the “goddess ” title with everyone wanting to know more about her life. She has kept a relatively low profile about her personal life and only showed her boyfriend of four years on IG last year when they were snapped by paparazzi. So Kelly Cheung decided to reveal 10 unknown facts about her.

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1. How often she goes to the gym

Kelly Cheung is 174 cm (5’8″) when she’s not wearing heels. She thinks she’s about 53 kg (~117 lbs), but she rarely weighs herself. She only keeps track of her weight by telling whether her clothes fit or not. As for how often she goes to the gym, she says in the last 5 months, she hasn’t gone at all. When she’s free though, she goes at least 3-4 times a week, 2 hours each session.

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A day off from studying ⛰☀️

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2. As an avid gamer, her favorite game to play is “Horizon Zero Dawn”.

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3. The most memorable thing a boyfriend has done for her was giving her flowers outside the classroom during middle school.

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Me with my XXL helmet 🚦🏎 . #3日2夜

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4. Flowers don’t do anything for her. Kelly Cheung says she’s not a romantic person. When she receives them, she will say, “It’s so pretty.”, but this is not her special request.

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5. Her favorite tv show is Apple TV+’s “Morning Show”, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

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6. Her favorite male actor is Ryan Gosling.

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Tulum ruins

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7. Her first love was at…Kelly Cheung said, “The first time I dated? 19”.

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Part 2 tonight 🌴🐘 10:30PM . #3日2夜

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8. Her favorite book series when she was younger was Harry Potter. As an adult, she doesn’t really read much. She is mostly reading scripts.

9. She doesn’t know the length of her legs. She has never measured them.

10. Her first job was at 16 as a cashier at her family’s gift shop.

Bonus: Craziest thing a fan ever did…Kelly Cheung says nothing. Shes always telling them to go to work, go to school. “I have fans who really love me.”

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