Netizens Found Something “Goddess”, Kelly Cheung, is not Good at

Netizens Found Something "Goddess", Kelly Cheung is Not Good at

TVB actress, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), is considered a goddess by many men. Not only is she pretty and tall, a semi ABC, likes nice cars, but she is also a gamer. Before getting really popular these past two years, she used to do live streams of her gaming and upload it onto her Youtube channel.

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Kelly Cheung was on the recent episode of the music show, “Cantopop at 50″ (流行經典50年)”. When she introduced herself, she said Sammi Cheng has been her idol since she was young. She continued listening to her songs and watched her movies even after she moved to the US.

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Even though she is near perfect, her performance of “Our Close Relationship” (親密關) by Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) made some netizens raise their eyebrows. After the episode aired, netizens debated about her performance. Majority of the comments complimented her singing and her voice. They didn’t forget to mention her looks and call her a goddess. While some netizens were more critical and said, “Doesn’t sound good”, “Even though she was off-key, but her voice sounds pretty good.”, “The original doesn’t sound like this.”, “Kelly is a really pretty girl, but her singing is very ordinary…”, “You call this a singer?”.

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Kelly Cheung spoke with and expressed she normally likes to sing, “but I’m not that good at it. I did go find Tang Siu Hau (鄧小巧) to learn singing, but when I performed at “Cantopop at 50”, it was last minute. So I didn’t have time to practice songs, so I decided on “Our Close Relationship”. I did practice with Tang Siu Hau for a while before, but maybe because we’ve never rehearsed before, so I could’ve sang even better that night.” Kelly Cheung expressed she felt a bit nervous and hopes to have an even better performance next time.

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Credit:, Kelly Cheung IG