Kelvin Kwan Says He was “Electrified” by Kelly Cheung

Kelvin Kwan Kelly Cheung TVB Cooking Beauties

Singer turned actor, Kelvin Kwan, has been getting more popular since starring in TVB’s “The Stunt” (特技人).  He was at an event for a spa today with his mother at Causeway Bay.  Reporters started asking him about his appearance on the recent episode of “Cooking Beauties” with TVB actress Kelly Cheung (張曦雯).  Many thought the two had a lot of chemistry.  

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She already has a very high score.

The female reporters start off saying, “Kelly Cheung is okay.”, which Kelvin Kwan says, “She’s more than okay, really more than just okay.”  Watching that episode again, I thought to myself, “wow.”  It was really fun, because I really let myself go that time.”  Then one of the reporters asked if he got Kelly Cheung’s number yet, to which he says, “We already knew each other .”  The reporters feed words into his mouth and said, “So you guys were able to get to know each other better this time.”, which Kelvin Kwan says, “I got to know that she can actually cook very well.”  The reporters keep trying to bait Kelvin Kwan and said, “So that deserves more points?”, but he says, “She already has a very high score.”  

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One reporter then asks, “When are you going to make a move?”, which Kelvin Kwan says, “No moves.  I’ll just keep continue singing sad songs.  But that day gave me a lot of memories.”  The reporters are getting giddy and one of them mentions the flying kiss Kelly Cheung gave to Kelvin Kwan on the show, which he acknowledges.  Then he is asked if he was electrified by her, which he shyly says he was.  A reporter proceeds to tell him he has a flirtatious look on his face and he quickly covers his face and straightens out his emotions.

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It was like being struck by lightning.

Kelvin Kwan proceeds to tell the reporters he watches Kelly Cheung in “Life on the Line” every night.  Then he is asked if really has feelings for her, he says, “No, she’s really a friend.  Don’t go crazy.”  The reporters jokingly say, “Telling the other boys not to go crazy, right?”  He laughs and says, “No, no.  We’re just friends.”  At the end of the interview he says he was electrified like being struck by lightning.  

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Kelvin Kwan was recently rumored to be dating his young fan, which he denied.  He does say he is ready to start a new relationship and that his mother would be very happy if he was dating.

Credit: Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Kelvin Kwan IG 

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