Kelvin Kwan Chasing Away Kelly Fu’s Suitors

Kelvin Kwan Chasing Away Kelly Fu's Suitors

TVB artists Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) and Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) who were paired up in TVB’s sleeper hit, “The Stunt”《特技人》are becoming another fan favorite on screen couple.  Kelly Fu attended a jewelry function yesterday and revealed she also has a hobby of collecting jewelry.  Whenever she had a well paying gig, she would reward herself by buying a piece of jewelry with the most expensive one costing over six figures.

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When asked if any potential suitors had given her diamonds before, Kelly replied, “Yes, but I have rejected it.  Diamond rings are special and represents a promise.  If we’re not at the stage of getting married, I won’t accept it.”  

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When asked if gifting property would be better.  Kelly replies, “I’m just like every Hong Kong person with dreams of owning a home.  I need to find a boyfriend first.”  As for anyone pursuing her right now, Kelly responded, “Actually Kelvin and I have a lot of opportunities to work together.  Everyone thinks would this on-screen couple become Kelvin reality.  This has caused some of my suitors to back off, but this proves we were successful.  I rather earn more money to buy it [property] myself.  I don’t know if the other person would take it back.”

Do you think Kelly and Kelvin make a good couple?

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