Kelly Fu Puts Koni Lui and Dickson Wong on Blast for Using Her to Create Publicity Years Ago

Kelly Fu Puts Koni Lui and Dickson Wong on Blast for Using Her to Create Publicity Years Ago

TVB actress, Koni Lui (呂慧儀), shocked the entertainment industry when she and now ex-husband, Dickson Wong (黃文迪), announced their divorce on March 9th. While many of their celebrity friends showed concern and pity over their divorce, fellow TVB actress, Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), posted a lengthy Instagram post throwing shade at Koni Lui and Dickson Wong for dragging her into a publicity stunt years ago.

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The incident Kelly Fu is referring to goes back to 2013 when Dickson Wong uploaded a picture on Instagram of him holding hands with a female wearing black nail polish in a car. Not too long after, Koni Lui posted a response on Weibo saying she doesn’t recall wearing black nail polish. She asks Dickson Wong if he posted the wrong picture. This led to netizens trying to decipher the female in the picture. After some sleuthing, netizens determined it was Kelly Fu in the picture holding hands with Dickson Wong. It turns out Kelly Fu and Dickson Wong were once signed to the same modeling company. At that time, Kelly Fu was seen wearing black nail polish at an event a few days earlier. This is how she got labeled for being a cheater.

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幾年前 我和舊模特兒公司 遇到很多不實嘅新聞 也不想多作回應 覺得清者自清,問心無愧 不希望越說越把事情發酵 但這兩天很多不同朋友 發給我呂慧儀同黃文迪的新聞 再次看到這張相片 心裏真的很嬲 我不想因為再顧及其他人嘅感受 要為自己澄清! 當年黃文迪上載的這張相片 相片搽上黑色指甲油 拖着黃文迪的手! “絕對不是我” 做模特兒嘅時候 同經理人和其他模特兒成班朋友 經常工作後一起吃飯聊天 在他們的婚禮上我也幫忙做姊妹 和呂慧儀同黃文迪 都算是好朋友和同事 因當時我《衝上雲霄2》播出後 出席很多不同的活動 也喜歡用不同嘅造型 會搽唔同嘅指甲油 配襯唔同嘅衫 所以有幾個活動 我穿着黑色裙搽上黑色指甲油 新聞出街前一日 我就已經收到記者要求回應嘅電話 嗰陣時仲係黃文迪上載相片冇幾耐 當時我馬上打電話給經理人 大家第一個反應就是 這隻手不就是呂慧儀的手 這架車不就是他們黑色嘅七人車 為何他們兩夫婦 自己拖手 自己搽指甲油 自己在自己車上 自己影相 自己上載的相片 會聯繫到我身上 為何記者就馬上覺得這隻搽黑色指甲油的手是我 說我就是拖著黃文迪手的人 第二日見報 這單新聞大大被刊登 文中完全沒有替我澄清 只是不斷說我是疑似黑甲女 令我配上”搭上朋友之夫”之衰名 大家可以試試理解我當中嘅感受 大家是朋友 亦是做同一行的 明白做藝人嘅形象是非常重要 為何為了曝光率 為了見報 就可以偽造一張相片 說這長篇大論嘅感言 誣衊自己嘅朋友 做這無恥嘅事情 最後也想說 作為曾經嘅朋友 知道他們分開 也感到可惜 麻煩我的朋友不要再轉發他們的新聞給我 記者也不用再叫我回應他們的新聞 我相信 成功需苦幹 珍惜機會 努力學習 別人會看到的 不用利用朋友 亦不需靠這些 沒意義嘅新聞

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In her lengthy post, she explains how friends sent her news of Koni Lui and Dickson Wong’s divorce. She says seeing the picture from 6 years ago gets her mad and says she had to clear her name. Kelly Fu then says she was absolutely not the girl wearing black nail polish in the picture. She says she was considered good friends and colleagues with Koni Lui and Dickson Wong and was even a bridesmaid at their wedding. She explains she had black nail polish on at that time because she was attending different events and so she wore different events and matched different nail polish colors.

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She continues to say, “Once the news came out, everyone’s reaction was “That hand is not Koni Lui’s. That car is not their seven seater car.” Why is that couple, who is holding each other’s hand, who is wearing black nail polish, who is in their own car, who took that picture, who uploaded that picture, would impact me? Why would reporters immediately think it was me? They said I was the one holding Dickson Wong’s hand. The next day, all the newspapers didn’t clear my name. They all said I was the one wearing black nail polish. I was given the label or “taking my friend’s husband.”

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Kelly Fu finishes off saying, “Lastly, I want to say that as we were once friends before, it is a pity knowing they separated. I ask my friends to stop sending their news to me. Reporters also don’t need to keep asking me to comment about them.”

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After Kelly Fu’s public tirade, Koni Lui posted an Instastory seemingly in response to Kelly Fu’s post.

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