Kelvin Kwan Had to Stop Filming a Kiss Scene Because of an Actress Who Had Smelly Breath

Kelvin Kwan Had to Stop Filming a Kiss Scene Because of an Actress Who Had Smelly Breath

Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) was a guest in last week’s episode of Liza Wang’s (汪明荃) variety show, “Liza’s Online” (娛樂大家). There is a segment on her show called “Liza Talks” (Liza傾), where the guests share a story and the cast members decide whether it’s real or not. For Kelvin Kwan’s story, he revealed he once had to film kiss scenes with an actress who had smelly breath. When they were about to film the scenes, Kelvin Kwan said he went to a nearby convenience store to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste for the actress.

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He revealed that he cares about being clean and he had already prepped himself for the kiss scene. When they were about to film the kiss scene, it was already in the middle of the night. The actress had eaten a sausage egg mcmuffin sandwich beforehand. He saw that there were some egg pieces still hanging by the corners of her mouth and that her mouth smelled like a hamburger. He couldn’t take it, which is why he had to stop filming.

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Kelvin Kwan reveals the actress got the hint after he quietly handed the set to her. At first, the cast members were a bit weary of his story. He even took out electronic toothbrush heads to corroborate his story. Liza Wang and Sammy Leung (森美) then asked him to reveal the name of the actress. They asked him the number of characters in her name. Leslie Chiang (姜麗文), veteran actor, Paul Chun’s (秦沛) daughter, who is a cast member on the show, told Kelvin Kwan not to say it.

Liza Wang then asks him the number of strokes in her last name. Kelvin Kwan then gives a hint saying, “It’s three characters. The last name is a type of food.” During this time, Leslie Chiang keeps telling Kelvin Kwan not to say it, but the other cast members pick up on it and say, “It’s Leslie Chiang!” because her last name, “Chiang” means “ginger”. Leslie Chiang then says, “It’s not me!”, but Kelvin Kwan says, “That series also has something to do with Leslie Chiang.” Leslie Chiang then explains, “That’s why you can’t say it because she is my friend.” Kelvin Kwan also says she’s his friend and wouldn’t reveal her name either.

Leslie Chiang explains, “That day I heard you complaining to my brother (Benji Chiang 姜文杰). Kelvin Kwan is really OCDish where he has to brush his teeth everywhere he goes. His pocket has toothbrushes everyday. After you finished filming, I heard you sharing the story with my brother.” In the end, the story was revealed to be true.

Kelvin Kwan and Leslie Chiang were in the 2015 series called, “Once Upon a Song” (童話戀曲201314). The actress playing Kelvin Kwan’s girlfriend is Evelyn Choi (蔡穎恩). Her name has three characters and her last name is a homonym for “food”. The clues seem to point to her. Evelyn Choi had even uploaded an IG story seemingly referring to what Kelvin Kwan had shared, saying, “Taking some things to share as a joke can be a personal attack! It would even damage a person’s reputation!” However, she quickly deleted the story.

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