Singer, TikChi, Reveals Texts from Hugo Wong Trying to Solicit Sex on Multiple Occasions

Singer, TikChi, Reveals Texts from Hugo Wong Trying to Solicit Sex on Multiple Occasions

TVB actor, Hugo Wong (黃子恆), is in the headlines again as busty singer, TikChi (迪子), has revealed incriminating texts of Hugo Wong trying to solicit sex from her on multiple occasions.  Hugo Wong’s image and reputation probably can’t be damaged further with this scandal given the recent news of his fan accusing him of impregnating her.  

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TikChi shows screenshots of alleged texts between her and Hugo Wong.  On three separate occasions, Hugo Wong directly and indirectly asks TikChi to have sex.  In the first conversation dating back to October 31, 2016, it shows Hugo Wong asking TikChi to come out and “To celebrate the holiday (Halloween), let’s find a place to have “devilish sex.”  TikChi asks him where he wants to go.  Hugo Wong suggests, “The smaller hotels now are actually pretty cheap, but I’m afraid they will ask me for ID to register the room since it’s so late.”  TikChi asks him what he wants to do, so he suggests to go to Kowloon Tong, an area known in Hong Kong for people to rent rooms to have sex.  TikChi tells him she is not interested in having a “SP” (Sex Partner) relationship.  In response, Hugo Wong says, “I understand.  Let’s see how it goes later on.  I will be downstairs your place in 45 minutes.”  TikChi asks why he’s coming to her place, which he says is to pick her up.  She then tells him she won’t be having sex with him. 

The next set of texts, Hugo Wong is talking to TikChi about “services” and “interaction.”  TikChi tells him she only “services” her boyfriend and doesn’t need the “interaction.”  Hugo Wong says he doesn’t need services either, just to “hold each other tightly.”  TikChi tells him she only needs one boyfriend, but Hugo Wong responds, “I don’t need a girlfriend either.”  TikChi then says, “That’s why I’m not suitable for you.  You should go find a wife.”  Hugo Wong curses her out in English saying, “F**k u, bye.”  

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In the third set of texts from last December, Hugo Wong asks TikChi to come over and have a few drinks.  TikChi asks him where and Hugo responds at his place.  TikChi says, “No, if we’re going to drink, let’s go outside.  Besides, my teeth are not fixed yet, I can’t drink so much.”  Hugo Wong then says it’s not convenient for him to go out as he’s afraid people will say he’s hitting on girls.  TikChi then tells him it’s even more suspicious for a girl to be seen going to his place.  Hugo Wong then says they won’t be filmed at his place, but then tells her to forget it.  A few days later, TikChi says Hugo Wong came knocking again and asked her to go over to his place to sing on “big big channel live.”  When she saw a picture of the piano at the end of her bed, she was cautious and turned him down.  After that, he hasn’t contacted her.  

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Through an interview with Oriental Daily News, TikChi also says she’s actually known Hugo Wong for over ten years.  Their relationship was always very normal until she filmed an “SM” (Sadomasochism) music video.  TikChi says, “He started sending me weird messages, even asked me to rent a room together to have sex.  I don’t know if he was joking or serious.  Of course, I didn’t go.  He’s always acting deep and proper.  Sometimes, I think to myself if I misunderstood him, but seeing the news of him impregnating his fan, I need to think twice about making friends.  He doesn’t respect women and is very petty for cursing at me for denying his advances.  He should go find a prostitute if he has needs, but he doesn’t even want to spend that money.”

It has been said TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), already told him to cool down a bit and to focus on work.  TVB had already given him a second chance two years ago when his scandal with Hiromi Wada (裕美) came too light.  However, it’s rumored TVB is disappointed in Hugo Wong with the latest news and that after he finishes filming “Airport Security Unit” (機場特警), they won’t be arranging new work for him, essentially blacklisting him.  

Credit: (1, 2, 3), TikChi IG, Hugo Wong IG