Eliza Sam Giving Birth in April 2019, Doesn’t Know Sex of the Baby

Eliza Sam Giving Birth in April 2019, Doesn't Know Sex of the Baby

Eliza Sam made her first public appearance today after announcing her pregnancy yesterday.  The actress appeared at the event wearing 4 inch high heels, despite being pregnant.  She appeared in good spirits and revealed she is five months pregnant and due to give birth in April 2019.  She expressed a bit of regret for not being able to announce it to the media earlier as she was flying back and forth previously and didn’t have a chance to tell her family first.  Eliza Sam also shared she didn’t find out she was pregnant until later as she thought the morning sickness was caused by flying too much and jet lag.  

Eliza Sam Announces Pregnancy

When asked about the sex of the baby, Eliza Sam says, “I want to surprise myself and see how long I can wait.  When I went to get an ultrasound, I told my doctor to cover the sex on the report and then made another copy so I couldn’t scratch it off.”  As for where she plans to have the baby, Eliza Sam hasn’t decided yet.  She also expresses she wants to continue working until she gives birth and return to work after giving birth, maintaining  work-life balance.  When asked if she would rush newlywed Christine Kuo to have a baby, Eliza Sam says, “No, you can’t rush these things.”  

Credit: hk.on.cc, Eliza Sam IG

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