Hugo Wong’s Alleged Baby Mama is Pissed at TVB for Not Reprimanding Him

Hugo Wong Impregnates Fan Michelle Pissed at TVB

It has almost been two weeks since the lascivious behavior of TVB actor, Hugo Wong (黃子恆), was revealed by his female fan and occasional hook up partner, Michelle.  Hugo Wong was accused by Michelle of impregnating her, who is currently 18 weeks along, and then “disappearing” and ignoring her after she told him about it.  Shortly afterwards, another “victim” of Hugo Wong’s sexual advances, singer, TikChi (迪子), exposed previous conversations she had with the actor, which shows him asking her to sleep with him on multiple occasions even after she declined.  Yesterday, the actor appeared in good spirits at TVB’s annual artists dinner and even spoke with reporters about his recent news.

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Hugo Wong expressed he is taking a short vacation after filming for “Airport Security Unit” is finished.  When asked about TikChi’s recent claims on his sexual advances, he said he didn’t have anything to say.  On whether his image has been affected, he says, “We first have to be ourselves and do our best.  Actors are role models.  As actors and as normal people, we need to do our best.”  Reporters asked if he is scared of women now, he says, “There’s nothing to be scared of.  You can’t avoid fate when the right timing comes.”  When asked if TVB scolded him for this, he says, “I was frank with them and they have an understanding on what happened.”  On whether he’ll be more careful in the future, he chuckles and says, “Of course.”

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After this interview came out, Michelle was livid and cursed him out.  She also shared pictures of her at the hospital with Oriental Daily.  She reveals she is having an abortion in Guangzhou today.  As for Hugo Wong denying he is the father of her baby as he claims they only had sex once over a year and a half ago, she says he’s lying.  Michelle reveals, “A man who makes the woman pay for the room when he is the one asking for sex, what do you think?”  Michelle also shared pictures of the hotel where she and Hugo Wong allegedly met to hookup in July.  She says, “I want to laugh at all his previous comments.  Saying we hooked up at my place and not a hotel.  The next day, I must’ve scared him off.  He was smoking downstairs and quickly came up to make me delete our conversations.  He should get a best actor award for his acting.” 

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Pissed at TVB and Virginia Lok

Michelle also shared, “A person who has prior history of wrong doing, how can he continue to be in front of the camera?  Even after the news came out, he hasn’t contacted me.  I tried to look for him around the end of July.  He doesn’t respond to me through any platform or text messages.  He’s always like this.  What is TVB’s attitude on the matter?  Didn’t an executive say they wouldn’t be giving him new work right now? But yesterday’s news said he will continue working hard.  The company even told him to be more careful.  My god.  Are they telling him to be more careful the next time he hooks up with someone?  I can’t deal with much right now.  I just want to know what the hell Virginia Lok (樂易玲) is doing.”

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Michelle says after her body recovers from the surgery, she will continue to make him accountable.  Because of the countless times he has hurt her plus the judgment from netizens, Michelle says she is suffering from depression.  She sent a clip of her crying to Oriental Daily and said, “Lately, I’ve been crying every day.  I’ve been depressed for more than a year already.  He once cried and told me he regretted making me suffer.  Now that I think about it, it’s very ironic.  It seems like I’ve never understood this person, it’s very strange.  Regarding the Hiromi Wada incident, he said he was sad for a year.  In the end, he was already hooking up four months later.  Reality is cruel.” 

Credit: (1, 2), Hugo Wong IG