Jack Hui Says There Were Hard Feelings When He First Worked with Mandy Lam

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Jack Hui (許家傑) and Mandy Lam’s (林淑敏) on-screen couple, “Water Fai” and “Linda Lung,” in TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛·回家之開心速遞) have become a household favorite among the audience since their debut last year.  They’re even nominated for the “Most Popular On-Screen Partnership” category at the upcoming TVB anniversary awards show.  The two sat down for an interview with hk01.com and recounted their first time working together on “Come Home Love.”  

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Jack Hui says, “We weren’t close at that time.  Because it was our first time working together, there was a scene where you (Mandy Lam) were drunk.  Her character wanted me to piggy back her.  She awkwardly apologized to me and said we can use angles.  I said there’s no need.  Everyone knows I’m big. I’m grateful for this co-star.  She’s hardworking and will always try to accommodate requests.”  

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Mandy Lam says, “The first time was talking about me seeing him outside the company.  He brings me over to cross the street.  I couldn’t do it because I don’t even know this person.  I just kept looking at him and walked.  The director said it wasn’t good, said we needed to show more affection, show that I was mesmerized by him.  I really couldn’t do it.  I did a few takes and was forcefully accepted.  One of the cameramen has known me for a long time.  We’re very close.  He told me to treat him as Water Fai and try walking once.  He said acting with him would show love sparks.  I grabbed that feeling and filmed it once more.”  

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Jack Hui talks about his most memorable scene.  He says, “The most unforgettable scene was in the episode “The End of First Love.”  Even though it was only half an episode, we filmed the scenes for ten days.  Mandy Lam had to run in the streets like Jaclyn Wu in “Moment of Romance” (天若有情).” Mandy Lam says, “I ran for three days, but only three minutes were aired.”  Jack Hui continues saying, “I rode the motorcycle for two days.  Even though these scenes only aired for a few minutes, we take it very seriously during filming.  There was a short scene, about three seconds, it was about me on the roof waiting until night.  I filmed it for five hours.” 

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In the audience’s minds, “Water Fai” is always the one being yelled at, while “Linda Lung” is the one yelling at people.  However, Mandy Lam reveals, “It’s actually Water Fai who’s constantly yelling at me.  In one episode, it talks about me dancing.  He yelled at me like a dog.  I didn’t dance well.  Ballroom dancing is his forte.  I am really grateful for him.  He didn’t have to work that day.  He purposely came to teach me and Hoffman Cheng (鄭世豪).  He used a lot of time to teach us.  Hoffman and I were still playing around.  Suddenly, he became vey strict and said, “Listen to me.”  At that moment, Hoffman and I immediately stood upright, didn’t say a word and listened to him.  I think having a partner who has standards makes the other person better.  Being partners means that whoever has confidence should take the lead first.  Sometimes, I will directly say something if I believe in it.  Maybe my tone of voice is rough, but everyone is trying to do their best for what’s at stake.  This is how chemistry is born.  My tone of voice is so harsh and you still listen to me.”

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Jack Hui takes a deep breath and says, “Actually, when we first started, there were some hard feelings.  I felt like things should’ve been done a certain way.  When we first started, we weren’t that familiar.  I felt like our way of interacting with others was different.  We were too cordial with each other.  Now, we beat each other up.”  

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