Chloe So Not Worried about Dating Rumors with “Life After Death” Co-star, Zeno Koo

TVB’s current series, “Life After Death” (那些我愛過的人), is receiving a lot of praise for the storyline and the relatively new faces. Chloe So (蘇皓兒), who portrays Frankie Lam’s (林文龍) daughter, “Keung Chi Yau”, is gaining a lot of attention for her looks and is even being labeled as a new generation “goddess”. Even though she plays a teenage school girl in the series, she is actually 26 years old this year. While this is her first TVB series, Chloe So debuted as a model in 2018. In 2015, she joined the Hong Kong girl group, As One, which later disbanded in 2017.

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In 2018, she gained a lot of attention for her youthful “goddess” looks in this lemon tea commercial with the Hong Kong rock band, Dear Jane. Because of her short hair look in “Life After Death”, she is being called the “short hair Vivian Chow”. Chloe So was also known to be dating actor, Gregory Wong (王宗堯), for two years and was even living together with him, but the two broke up in January of this year.

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In order to prepare for her role, Chloe So revealed she watched the Taiwanese movie, “Our Times” (那些年,我們一起追的女孩), and studied Michelle Chen’s (陳妍希) character. She said, “To play a student, the most important thing is to give people the feeling of being lively. So during filming, the director often told us to be more lively and keep up a young attitude.”

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Chloe So’s character also has a love triangle storyline with Zeno Koo (顧定軒) and Kyle Li (李任燊). She revealed there were a few scenes in the series that were unforgettable. For example, “There were a few scenes where Zeno plays the guitar for me. In real life, he has also played the guitar to encourage me. When we were filming, it brought up a lot of memories. So it was very touching.”

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As it turns out, Chloe revealed she and Zeno have known each other since she was 14. It was her who asked him for his number. She explained, “When I was 14, we met each other when we both worked as models. At that time, I thought he was very cute and he was even shorter than me. I wanted to protect him. So I initiated to ask for his number.”

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Zen Koo and Chloe So are such good friends that even their families know each other. When asked if Chloe So is worried about dating rumors with Zen Koo, she expressed, “Definitely not. Known each other too long. We are really good friends. Never had any feelings of electrical shock.”

As for Kylie Li, they will have a kiss scene, which is her first on-screen kiss. She revealed, “It was just a little kiss, so I didn’t feel embarrassed. Before we filmed, I joked with Kyle and discussed whether we need to go brush our teeth. In the end, of course we didn’t!”

Credit: TOPick, Chloe So IG