UNINE’s Jia Yi Sparks Backlash with Comment Seemingly in Response to Dating Rumors + Woman Identified in Video

UNINE's Jia Yi Sparks Backlash with Comment Seemingly in Response to Dating Rumors + Woman Identified in Video

On June 22nd, UNINE member, Jia Yi (嘉羿), was trending on Weibo when it was rumored he was dating former “Youth With You 2020” trainee, Bobo Li. A media outlet released a video alleging Jia Yi and Bobo Li were returning to her home. However, Bobo Li’s team and herself denied the dating rumors and says the woman in the video isn’t Bobo Li. Afterwards, Jia Yi’s team also denied the dating rumors and said, “There is no dating. Respect the artist’s privacy. Don’t start rumors.”

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As the woman in the video was still a mystery, netizens started speculating it might be actress, Jin Youmei (金尤美). Sina Entertainment reached out to Jin Youmei’s team and they confirmed she is the woman in the video, but denied the dating rumors. Hours later, Jia Yi posted this on Weibo seemingly in response to the dating rumors: “None of your business.” The words he used, “要你寡”, is normally used to tell people to leave them alone in a very strong manner and can mean “Don’t need you to telling me what I do.”

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Jin Youmei

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His choice of words sparked backlash from netizens with one netizen leaving a comment saying, “Is this something an idol can say out loud?” Jia Yi responded to this netizen saying, “Just what you (formal) say is the most correct.” Many netizens also left comments attacking him for his choice of words. He also changed the bio of his Weibo account: “With nothing to do, I can film vlogs. Just so happens there is a shortage of people, hurry and come interview.”

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A fan also shared a screenshot of Jia Yi responding to his fans consoling him in a group chat. He told them: “It’s nothing. I’ve never pretended before. It’s just that I don’t know why someone keeps trying to hurt me.”

Jia Yi’s reputation has taken a hit recently due to dating rumors with THE9’s Snow Kong, which both have denied. Shortly after, an ex-girlfriend alleged he cheated on her with Snow Kong and other accusations.

What’s even more bizarre is someone posted a conversation they allegedly had with Jia Yi’s alt account. It showed him saying: “I will live on, but I won’t change.” Someone suspected to be Jia Yi’s manager posted those screenshots with a big “fake” sign on them, denying the validity of those conversations.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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  1. Hi, could you explain his other scandals to me? I’ve heard there are more than just the kxe one and this one. where they serious? did they end up being explained? I’ve seen a lot of people refer to abortions and birth control while talking about him, was that just part of the kxe scandal, or was there another one before? Thank you!

    1. I didn’t follow it closely, but an ex-girlfriend alleges he made her get abortions, while pursuing kxe when they were still dating, but apparently kxe rejected him. She said she was going to continue exposing him even if they keep sending her cease & desist letters/legal notices. Not sure what happened afterwards.

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