ATV Vice President, Frankie Lam, Willing to Promote His Last TVB Series

ATV Vice President, Frankie Lam, Willing to Promote His Last TVB Series

Frankie Lam (林文龍) shocked the entertainment industry last December when it was announced he would be the vice president of ATV, the tv station that keeps getting revived from the dead. Before assuming a corporate role, Frankie Lam had filmed one last TVB series near the end of 2018. The series called, “Life After Death” (那些我愛過的人), stars Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), and is set to air on June 8.

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As Frankie Lam’s new role might be a conflict of interest, there were worries he might not be able to attend promotional events for the series. A producer of the series expressed, “Frankie is willing and we are also willing to use him to promote. He is still the male lead of the series after all. Even though he is an executive at the competitor’s station, but the promotional issues aren’t huge. He is just sharing the role and the filming condition. We will be looking for him to help promote. The problem is Frankie is very busy now. We need to coordinate schedules with him.”

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When Frankie Lam assumed his role at ATV last December, he was also asked this question. He responded at the time, “The question is whether TVB needs me or not! There is nothing awkward about it. While filming this series, we have to fulfill the duties of the contract and cooperate with the promotion. I didn’t think a year later I would be changing jobs. Right now, it’s just fulfilling the previous responsibilities. There are no conflicts at all.”

Frankie Lam is the New Vice President of ATV

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Priscilla Wong expressed that it would be a good idea for Frankie Lam to promote the series. She said, “He is the soul of this series. So having him here is good. In fact, we all worked very hard during filming. It was a very happy collaboration.” Priscilla Wong and Frankie Lam bond over being single parents in the series.

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