“Day Day Up Brothers” Share Their Thoughts on Wang Yibo Achieving Success at a Young Age

"Day Day Up Brothers" Share Their Thoughts on Wang Yibo Achieving Success at a Young Age

Since Wang Yibo (王一博) joined as a permanent host of HunanTV’s weekly variety show, “Day Day Up” (天天向上), he has formed a close bond with the other hosts, Wang Han (汪涵), Oscar Qian (钱枫), and Da Zhangwei (大张伟), who are referred to as the “Day Day Up Brothers”. Despite Wang Yibo achieving heightened popularity and maintaining a busy schedule filming series, he still flies back to Hunan each week to film the show. At 23 years old this year, he has achieved a lot of success compared to his peers.

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In a recent backstage interview that wasn’t aired, the “Day Day Up Brothers” are asked why they think Wang Yibo was able to achieve what a lot of young people dream about at such a young age. Wang Han responded, “When asking why he can, I think there is another question to ask, that is why can’t he? He has talent. He added his own efforts, added his own hard work. Each person’s success isn’t determined by one factor. There are a lot of factors.”

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Oscar Qian responded, “You only see the glamorous side of a person’s success. You might not understand the effort and hard work he puts in behind the scenes.” As for Da Zhangwei, he responded, “Him having all this is because he’s awesome. Because I’ve seen a lot of people dance. There is a type of person who when they dance or go on stage, they will naturally put on a cool look. The so-called “365 degrees, no dead angles”, Wang Yibo is that kind of a person.”

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