Yang Yang and Dilraba Fall in Love Through Online Gaming in Drama Adaptation of “You Are My Glory”

Yang Yang and Dilraba Fall in Love Through Online Gaming in Drama Adaptation of “You Are My Glory

Fans are exploding with excitement as Tencent announced Yang Yang (杨洋) and Dilraba (迪丽热巴) as the leads of the drama adaptation of the novel of the same, “You Are My Glory” (你是我的荣耀), at their annual press conference today. Yang Yang and Dilraba’s names were rumored for some time now with fans waiting in anticipation for the official announcement.

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The series is adapted from famed author, Gu Man (顾漫), who is behind other popular works such as “Boss & Me” (杉杉來了), “My Sunshine” (何以笙簫默), and “Love O2O” (微微一笑很傾城). Yang Yang starred in the series adaptation of “Love O2O” with Zheng Shuang, which became an international hit.

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Movie poster of “You Are My Glory”

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Based on a synopsis from Baidu, Dilraba stars as “Qiao Jingjing” (乔晶晶), a well known celebrity who has a lot of different personas. One day, one of her personas is exposed. Someone intentionally uploads a clip on the internet of “Qiao Jingjing” playing an online game she endorses, which reveals she is actually a bad player. This doesn’t match her role as the game’s spokesperson. Out of fear “Qiao Jingjing” won’t be renewed as the spokesperson, her manager signs her up for an online game competition. During this time, “Qiao Jingjing” focuses training hard on playing games. It’s this decision that led her to encounter her crush from high school, “Yu Tu” (于途), through the new online game, “King of Glory” (王者荣耀).

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Yang Yang plays “Yu Tu”, who was the school’s most handsome male student and ace student back in the day. While “Qiao Jingjing” keeps on shining, “Yu Tu”, who once rejected her in high school, keeps a low profile even though he is an elite gamer. When the two encounter each other again through “King of Glory”, their romance begins to develop.

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After the announcement, Dilraba and Yang Yang tagged each other and greeted their characters.

Dilraba’s post read: “Hello, the dismissive, Mr. Gu”.
Yang Yang’s post read: “Hello, Qiao Jingjing, who can be seen everywhere.”

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