Vengo Gao Reveals First Kiss Scene with Dilraba was Most Memorable

Vengo Gao Reveals First Kiss Scene with Dilraba was Most Memorable

Despite “Eternal Love of Dream” has ended, these interviews between Vengo Gao (高伟光) and Dilraba (迪丽热巴) keep coming out. I’m sure fans aren’t complaining as this will satisfy their craving for their “DongFeng” CP.

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Funniest thing netizens said about each other’s character

When asked about the funniest comments they saw about each other’s character, Dilraba had this to say: “Fengjiu” really spoils “Dijun” like a child. In fact, “Dijun” is always acting coquettishly in front of “Fengjiu”. I saw a netizen using this phrase, “Macho man acting coquesttishly”, it was especially funny. Vengo Gao said, “The funniest one was probably saying once “Donghua” is in front of “Fengjiu”, he will immediately become all chirpy. This exclusively belongs to “Fengjiu”.”

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How each other acts in private

When talking about their great rapport after collaborating for so many times, Vengo Gao revealed, “We would be very in sync when acting out improv scenes. There was a scene with “Song Xuanren” and “Fengjiu” in the bedroom. “Song Xuanren” said right now we are considered husband and wife in society. The parts after that scene were actually added by the both of us. The result of that performance was pretty good.”

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They were also asked to talk about each other’s often used phrases and how they act in private. Dilraba revealed, “I’m not sure how many times we’ve worked together. I’m not sure if this is his catchphrase, but sometimes he will say, “Right?”. He likes to say a lot of jokes.”

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Vengo Gao revealed, “I’ve worked with Dilraba so many times. This was the most complete one. From the first to the last chapter, it was practically all the scenes of our interactions. This time was the most complete interpretation of two characters. In the past, due to the relationship between the characters and the volume of scenes, there was not much interaction between the two people. This time it contains love and hatred, separation, life and death all interpreted into one. There is an even more complete feeling. The private Raba is also the type to be more naive and cute.”

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Most memorable scene

On their most memorable scene, Dilraba shared, “The most impressionable to me was probably when “Fengjiu” broke into the enchantment to save “Donghua”. That big fight scene.” Vengo Gao said, “Probably “Fengjiu” and I’s first kiss scene. We were standing more than two meters away from a wall. The director wanted us to continue kissing while pushing against the wall. At that time, the floor wasn’t that leveled. There were also a lot of rocks. We filmed a lot of takes. After we finished, Raba said, ‘You stepped on my foot.’ I thought it was rocks at the time. It was pretty funny. Ha ha.”

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This should be the scene Vengo Gao is referring to as the most memorable.

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Turning point in “Fengjiu” and “Donghua’s” relationship

After going through three lifetimes of tortuous love, there was a turning point in “Donghua” and “Fengjiu’s” relationship. Dilraba felt it started after “Aranya’s” dream. “Donghua Dijun” would get jealous because of “Fengjiu” and he would take the initiative to do things for “Fengjiu”. They started to “give out candy” (referring to the sweet scenes) frequently.

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Vengo Gao expressed, “To “Donghua”, the turning point in his feelings for “Fengjiu” was when he went to the Nine Realms and used his power to enter into the snake maze alone. He already had a feeling “Fengjiu” liked him before this incident. Some of “Fengjiu’s” traits that are similar to the little fox’s allowed her to attract his attention. But after “Lian Song” told him about all the things “Fengjiu” did for him in the past, he finally put the image of this girl together. Not only does “Fengjiu” often make him curious and his heart flutter, she is also someone he cares a lot about.”

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Where they could’ve done better

Dilraba mentioned that “Aranya” was also the character she felt most sorry for. “She is very strong and at ease, but she also bore a lot of pain that she shouldn’t have bore. I thought that part of “Aranya” could be even better.” For Vengo Gao, he said, “Probably “Chen Ye’s” parts. I think his emotions could be even more direct, but the script has written him to endure silently. So when I act it out, I would think about it a little more.”

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  1. Maravillosa historia, original y cautivadora. No me canso de verla. Muy bien logradas las actuaciones. Los protagonistas tienen una química excelente que traspasa la realidad, un amor entre ellos real. La historia es muy divertida, además de los mensajes profundos que entrega. Sin duda, para ver las siguientes temporadas que vengan.

  2. The best love story I’ve seen in a decade. The chemistry between Raba & Vengo is absolutely PHENOMENAL!! Vengo has transformed as an actor. He magnificently performed all 3 roles in Eternal Love of Dream. There are few actors who could have handled the challenge as well as Vengo did. Frankly, the main role seemed made for him…perfect fit. I’m so impressed with both, especially the humorous rapport between them.

    1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Realmente cautivadora, para ver las siguientes temporadas. Me gusta mucho ver a los protagonistas juntos. Entre ellos hay un amor real que traspasa la pantalla

  3. Still can’t move on. I love this drama and couple so much… I hope they can make a sequel or star in another drama. I love seeing them together

  4. Nice to read how they brought this together! Love both of their acting, interactions! Thank you – saw this months ago but came across the article.

  5. Best drama of the year 2020… global pandemic brought so much sorrows ard us, im happy to hv Dijun & Feng Jiu with me through out the Movement control order. Vengo Gao so good looking…❤️❤️❤️

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