Dilraba Describes Working with Johnny Huang Jingyu and Reacts to Fans Shipping Her and Viann Zhang’s Characters in “Love Designer”

Dilraba Describes Working with Johnny Huang Jingyu and Reacts to Fans Shipping Her and Viann Zhang's Characters in Love Designer

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) and Johnny Huang Jingyu’s (黄景瑜) modern romance, “Love Designer” (幸福,触手可及!), recently came to an end. Dilraba recently did an interview and one of the questions asked her to describe her feelings working with Johnny Huang using three terms. Dilraba responded, “Number one, he is extremely professional. Number two, he can really spur on the atmosphere on set. Number three, he is extremely lively.”

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The interviewer then asks her to give an example of the things she mentioned as proof for everyone. Dilraba shared that Johnny Huang would barbecue meat on set. The interviewer asks her, “So to Dilraba, being able to adjust the atmosphere is by eating?” Dilraba responds, “Yes, because everyone’s eating and chatting happily. This is an extremely good way to harmonize the atmosphere.”

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Another question asked Dilraba what she wanted to say about some viewers asking when her character, “Zhou Fang” (周放), will finally get together with her best friend, “Qin Qing” (秦清), played by Viann Zhang (张馨予). Dilraba responded, “Why would they be together? If everyone wants to [see them] together, it’s better to hope [for the chance] to portray such a character because “Zhou Fang” and “Qin Qing” are just good friends. Why are you guys like this? You guys can’t change the nature of our friendship.”

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