Director of “Something Just Like This” Speaks Up about Debate Over Johnny Huang Being Too Touchy with Wu Jinyan Off Camera

Director of Something Just Like This Speaks Up about Debate Over Johnny Huang Being Too Touchy with Wu Jinyan Off Camera

Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) and Wu Jinyan’s (吴谨言) new series, “Something Just Like This” (青春创世纪), started airing recently. The official Weibo account has been releasing BTS videos of the filming. However, some yxh account noticed the interactions between Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan were quite intimate off camera. There was debate among netizens questioning why Johnny Huang was so touchy with Wu Jinyan.

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The director of the series, Chen Feihong (陈飞宏), wrote a lengthy post on November 14 addressing the debate around the BTS clips. Chen Feihong prefaced his post saying that when he started preparing for the series, he emphasized to every actor, “You are not just portraying some character in the series. I hope these characters are living in this series.” He explained the actors started to experience the world of their characters and so they started interacting with each other like family members.

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The key points of Chen Feihong’s post:

  1. Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan have it hard as they have to portray like they are siblings who have grown up competing against each other like enemies, but are still friends. However, they are not actual siblings. Chen Feihong says the level of difficulty is high for actors who have never worked together before, so he said he had really high standards for their interactions with each other.
  2. Chei Feihong required the male leads to take more initiative. He told Johnny Huang to take the initiative to have more contact with Wu Jinyan due to the nature of their roles and relationship. Whether it was to joke around, talking, or fighting against each other, it would strengthen the chemistry between the two characters.
  3. As a director, he felt it’s necessary for actors to get familiar with their characters in order to portray the character well. He asked everyone to focus on the series and not to slander an actor’s hard work because of some people who took the pictures out of context.

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The official Weibo account also uploaded a compilation video showing the complete scenes of the gifs that were edited and taken out of context to address the debate. They also included the hashtag “Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan on set interactions” and said that even when they are on break, they are constantly rehearsing their scenes together to get into the characters and emotions. Once the cameras roll, they immediately get into character.

Watch the video:

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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  1. But where there any romance rumors just like With Dilraba? Otherwise everyone will think Johnny is a playboy. the agency allow these talks to spice up chemistry/project esp Johnny just finished so hot project Love Designer. There were steamier love scenes with Victoria Song in their Moonshine but no romance rumors…

  2. I am sure WJY will not say anything negative, but as her fan, I am too protective of her so I did worry about her. I noticed that Jin Yan is not a touchy person on more reserved than other actresses I’ve watched and she always control her kissing scenes, meaning she initiates it or its a quick lip smack, or a light kiss, I was surprised when I saw their kissing scene, but I have to admit that I liked it despite my reservations.

  3. I think Johnny is also just st a touchy person, remember him and Timmy bts’s they were also very touchy, huggy and playful…ppl don’t over look things…geez.

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