Wang Yuxin Released from the Hospital, Alleges She and Johnny Huang Jingyu Divorced Two Years Ago

Wang Yuxin Released from the Hospital, Alleges She and Johnny Huang Jingyu Divorced Two Years Ago

These past few days have been a whirlwind for Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) and his ex-girlfriend, Wang Yuxin (王雨馨). First, there were reports Wang Yuxin attempted suicide and then her assistant calling out Johnny Huang for his supposed misdeeds. Wang Yuxin has already been released from the hospital and resting at home. Her assistant provided “receipts” of her hospital stay, including a diagnostics report, which showed Wang Yuxin had poisoning from overdosing on sleeping pills.

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In addition to that, her assistant also showed the same marriage picture including an alleged marriage certificate, and a diagnosis report showing her injuries that were used to accuse Johnny Huang of domestic abuse back in 2018.

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On May 19th, Wang Yuxin posted a lengthy update on Weibo reporting on her well being and apologized for worrying everyone and taking up public resources. She also revealed that she and Johnny Huang were married before. She expressed, “Mr. Huang Jingyu and I had a marriage, but because of some issues regarding principles between a couple, we already divorced two years ago. There were happy times and beautiful memories, but there were also some heart knots and psychological shadows that I still can’t release today.”

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Johnny Huang Jingyu Ex-Girlfriend Wang Yuxin
Wang Yuxin and Johnny Huang during happier times

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Wang Yuxin also talks about feeling sorry to her parents and family members for trying to take her own life. She recounted how a lot of her family and friends came to visit her while she was in a coma. She also clarifies about the rumor of her being a single mother. She said, “There is one more thing, I don’t have children. As for why I was given a persona of being a single mother, let the person who should be explaining it to explain it. If the other person doesn’t explain it, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be consumed anymore nor do I have consumption value. This is a late notice. Cyber bullying is very scary, but this is a society who goes by the rule of law. Please watch your words! Sorry and also thank you guys! Once again, thank you guys, please don’t disturb me!”

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Johnny Huang nor his team have responded to the latest accusations. He was seen in good spirits on May 18 while heading to record for “Happy Camp”.

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12 thoughts on “Wang Yuxin Released from the Hospital, Alleges She and Johnny Huang Jingyu Divorced Two Years Ago

  1. Leave the drama for the screen.

    To bring life into the world without so much as a thought to its welfare is heartless.

    The taking of one’s own life is amongst the most thoughtless acts of all.

    What happens at home needs to stay at home. Marriage is sacred. It deserves better treatment and privacy, not be put on display for all to sit in judgment on it.

    Releasing an Arsenal of documents to gain pity from the court of public opinion is right up there with a woman telling her age (she will tell anything).

    Run Johnny run & don’t look back!

    1. You are so right! People like to use other people’s personal problems for attention. Also it sounds to me like she enjoys all this attention she put out there. Even if it’s true. Why would you put yourself out there like that? Your not embarrassing him. Your embarrassing yourself. Not good at all.

  2. Judging someone based on innuendos and posting them on social media is extremely dangerous and damaging. IF Wang Yuxin actually attempted suicide after being divorced for 2 years then she needs help. We’re each responsible for our own happiness regardless of our partners actions. We each have the freedom to make choices for ourselves. Laundering dirty laundry on social media by the assistant if done to generate sympathy or any other motives is poor taste. Bad move!

  3. Why is the assistant releasing confidential information. I always side eye anyone who uses media to get their point across

    1. Exactly, two wrongs don’t make a right.
      As an assistant gage the one you are assisting then examine if the actions are conducive to correcting rather than corrupting. Offer up long term solution to reduce or remove negative publicity, no solicit more damages.

      It has to be clear that a person who has harmed themselves is not in a frame of mind to handle statements. Offer up what is soothing calming, helpful not hurtful.

      If you can’t make it better, by all means don’t make things worse.

      Assist, don’t aggravate!

      1. In marriage there is no right or wrong because two are become one. Some are unevenly yoked be cause as a team they don’t pull well together as in the case of the ox and the mule. Bullishly charging ahead shows a lack of patience, while being mulishly stubborn speaks of immaturity. The ox and the mule does not pull well together which is why two of a kind is more agreeable when it comes to teamwork. Not only are you are supportive of each other, but when one half goes down the other half sticks around so that together the can raise up in victory together. To be at odds is to lose. No one wins and that in and of itself is punishment enough. It’s grounds for separation and that’s not marriage.

    1. Johnny, show you care. Keep your distance. Sometimes we have to love at a distance and that’s ok.

      This incident occurred two years after separation which is unfortunate because it says that one of the parties is mentally struggling and is in need of help that the other is not sufficient to offer. Other than not being a door mat, sounding board or enabler be willing to adhere to the boundaries in place. Be a well wisher but respect the other’s space and privacy.

    1. Last I check, marriage requires consent to love for better or worse. Don’t say ‘I do’ if you know damned well you don’t.

      While have empathy for someone whose mind and heart hurts, it’s difficult to be encouraging towards one who wants to grab attention by releasing intimate details that are no one else’s business.

      What you call evidence is actually betrayal especially if professional contracts were signed to withhold certain information from the public like one’s status of matrimony or relationship status for someone being promoted a certain way. Not only have you revealed what was to be concealed, you’ve shown it’s actually you that can’t be trusted. As far as punishment goes that a pretty hefty price to pay for breech of contract. Oft times proof is a burden, rather than evidence. Think on this.

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