Dilraba and Johnny Huang Jingyu Went from Reel to Real?

Dilraba and Johnny Huang Jingyu Went from Reel to Real?

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) and Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) recently wrapped up their modern drama, “Love Advanced Customization” (爱情高级定制). During filming, photos of their kiss scenes in public were leaked. Perhaps their acting was too convincing as there are now rumors circulating Dilraba and Huang Jingyu went from reel to real.

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According to iFeng Entertainment, they claim Dilraba and Johnny Huang Jingyu developed feelings after filming together. They alleged Johnny Huang Jingyu got onto Dilraba’s trailer after filming. Around 10 pm or so, they claim Dilraba was seen getting onto Johnny Huang Jingyu’s car. iFeng Entertainment then alleges they headed towards Johnny Huang Jingyu’s residence in the Xintiandi neighborhood in Shanghai.

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The “evidence” they provided hardly reflects the story they released.

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While the two haven’t responded and they probably won’t, the dating rumors seem a bit far fetched. Fans and netizens aren’t falling for it either. They left comments saying, “What generation is this? Normal colleagues of the opposite sex interacting with each other is dating?”, “So celebrities can’t be hanging together with the opposite sex now. Just standing together proves they are dating.”, “Which picture shows Dilraba getting onto Johnny Huang Jingyu’s car?”, “iFeng’s rumors are false 99% of the time.”

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22 thoughts on “Dilraba and Johnny Huang Jingyu Went from Reel to Real?

  1. The rings exchanged by Johnny and Dilraba are the most beautiful rings I have seen during any Asian movie/series wedding. Their chemistry in Love Designer was excellent.

    1. Totally agree. Love the chemistry of the two on Love Designer. Wishing them the best in their careers & relationships.

  2. Wallace Huo had a crush on his partner , Rubylin and kept friendship for 10 years even if he was with Joe Chen. On her 40th b-day party he flew to be with her and from pushing from friends had to confess to her only after Jerry Yan left the party. Other friends were matching her with JY who also flew from Hongkong to be with her. Thats what happened as they wrote .So if they are meant to be then it will happen… These superstars finally got married within the year they admitted their relationship and had a baby in Jan of the following year…. All’s well that ends well.

  3. Agree. He’s got talent esp in Wild Grass. Of all girly-looking young actors his age he can play manly, matured roles convincingly with his height and his face has character without need for much dialogue!!! Dilraba has very strong onscreen presence only Johnny or Shawn Dou can balance . But Johnny is more effective than Shawn acting wise…

  4. Johnny is res reserve for Timmy 😁 they wear couple necklace and bracelet. Even couple shirts. They even sang same song over and over again.

  5. Hello im from the philippines i love this couple they are really compatible to each other and i like their chemistry.they acting is look real in this movie.i hope they make another movie together..i hope you can read my comment.i like you both i hope you be together forever❤️❤️❤️

  6. You nailed it Johnny and Dilraba .fan from the Philippines I am in love with both of you.I hope you can be together in the future(drama)

  7. hello, im from Philippines,im enjoying watching chinese movie, im a big fan of Diralba. Love designer s a unique and excellent romance, Johnny and Diralba good chemistry, ,..hoping Johnny and Diralba have another drama,.so cute…more power and ignore the negative vibes💕💕

  8. Dilraba & Johnny would make a excellent couple. The thing that bothers me is I watched 1 episode of Addicted where Johnny plays a GAY GUY. I have to admit he & his half brother whom he was in love with had such strong chemistry, I wondered if Johnny was gay in real life. If he isn’t then he is one of the BEST ACTOR I have seen. When I see the chemistry of Johnny & Dilraba in Love Designer, you feel how hook/in love he is with Dilraba. I love how they response to each other on the drama. They are a different type of romantic. Dilraba I believe knows that once Johnny has you in his heart it’s forever. Though he doesn’t show it. The fact that he would go through lengths just to see her once a day. The fact that you know he’s not giving his all to his business, because he’s busy thinking about Dilraba. HE IS SO IN LOVE. Dilraba on the other hand has fallen for him because they have a honest relationship, even though he can be insulting to her, she knows he means well for her benefit to grow.

    1. Wow, homophobic much?!!! You actually wrote a gay guy in all caps. Abd you somehow create some story in your h ad about how Dilraba feels and thinks about Johnny abd you conjure up some story that she is in his hear?!!! Did they tell you this or is this some narrative you created for yourself to fantasize about??! And you pray that Johnny isn’t gay or bisexual?!!! Why?!!! What business is it of yours?!! And again with the all caps that must be some kind of homophobic insult?!!! Leave the poor man alone. He is what he is and it is none of your or my business. And if he is gay good for him. I hope he is in a loving relationship. Abd if he isn’t gay then good for him I hope he is in a loving relationship. It doesn’t change what kind of person he is!!! Maybe you should do some self reflection on why you would sound so cruel and mean against someone who doesn’t have the same sexual preference as you. Abd let others live their lives privately and don’t discriminate!

  9. If we’re gonna talk about “ Love Designer “ They are cute as a couple and it’s obviously there’s chemistry between the two of them. But I’m scared for Dilraba Dilmurat she’s my idol and I’d love to protect her no matter what. I don’t like her to fall in love with Johnny Huang well this is only my opinion for me Johnny Huang seems like a playboy they’re still both young in their 27 I don’t think a guy like J.Huang will stick to one. Even how beautiful she is Dilraba. I really don’t like seeing her ended crying and hurt. If this article were true,I don’t have right to stop them but to watch them.All I wish for Dilraba to find the right guy for her. She deserves to he happy and treated to be like a princess coz she’s a princess.I’ll always be here to support her.

    1. I agreed what you have commented. Love DD very much. If the negative news about Johnny is true, she needs to be protected. Just want to see DD happy.

  10. Hi im from Philippines:do you think guys they would ever date infront of so many people like that? Even a secret date nedeed such lighting was definitely taken when they just finished shooting a scene or maybe during a break? By the way guys Im a Big FUn of Dilraba:)

  11. I think the chemistry in Love Designer between them is excellent. Their acting is superb. I wish that actress in Love Designer would be exited. And more on the 2 main characters.

    1. Dilraba is excellent with Johnny. When he gives her critical comments, though I hate it, it makes Diraba work harder & continue her drive to be a better designer. Johnny is not the attentive type of boyfriend, but, you know once he’s in your heart, he’ll take good care of you. Diraba & Johnny have excellent chemistry.

    2. Excuse me Guguthecat, you think that Johnny is not a better person for Dilraba? Johnny may not be the handsomest guy for you but for me…he is and is the best Chinese actor when it comes to acting. Have you checked on the movies and dramas that are listed till 2021? This only shows that he is in demand. I also like Dilraba and have watched several drama series of her. If their relationship is for real, I am accepting it for they are both my favorites.

      1. I agree 100%… Jingyu is such a good actor too. The way he take care of the litle kid in that show was amazing… He is one of the best actor in China in my opinion.. With all the drama and movies line up in the future, I can say he is definitely hardworking. I just wish him more success and happy personal life too…

      2. agreeeee. mature audience appreciate good stories, good casting, brilliant performance. Johnny was brilliant in Wild Grass in the scene when his partner got killed. Many good actors like Yang Shuo in Return the World to You with (Guli Nazha; the other lead could have been Kenny Lin) and See You Again (Shawn Dou and Tiffany Tang) is underrated but many live comments on Viki were all rooting for him in his third wheel role. He is such a brilliant character actor!!!! Same with Jerry Yan whose acting shone brilliantly in THE Hospital and Loving Never Forgetting with Tong Li ya departing from his idol cutie image.

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