Dilraba Tells Sasaeng Fans Not to Disturb Her Parents

Dilraba Tells Sasaeng Fans Not to Disturb Her Parents

Since the Chinese entertainment industry has fully resumed operating, there have been numerous instances of celebrities publicly denouncing sasaeng fan behavior and for invading their privacy. While Dilraba (迪丽热巴) has a huge following in China, there are rarely any news of her running into sasaeng fans. However, in a recent interview around her birthday, she talked about something that was on her mind, which was sasaeng fans bothering her family.

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Dilraba started talking about one thing that she really minded and then said, “I hope people won’t disturb my parents. I think this is something I really mind because being a public figure is just my business. It has nothing to do with my parents. In fact, this is my privacy. The reason why I don’t let everyone to get to know my parents is because I also want to protect them well, but there are some people who add my parents on WeChat. I know who they are from the way they talk and I would go take a look or they would go tell my parents their names.”

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Despite Dilraba deleting the users from her parents’ WeChat accounts, they added her parents back. She expressed, “I think this is especially bad. If everyone really has leisure time, I think you still need to take care of your own parents. As for my situation, I don’t need you to tell my parents about how I am doing recently because they are my parents. I will tell them how I am doing recently.”

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She reiterates once more, “So I feel this is something I really mind. As for my things, I think it’s alright. But for my family, I hope no one goes to disturb them.” Dilraba then explains this behavior of bothering someone’s parents is very bad and impolite. She expressed that she knows who these people are and wants them to stop bothering her family or else she would be very angry.

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Dilraba also revealed that she doesn’t want her parents to know if she gets sick while she’s working. During that period, Dilraba would be talking to her mother everyday on WeChat or video chat when she would be free. However, those sasaeng fans would tell her parents about how she’s doing lately or her condition on the film set. She wants them to focus on their own parents, “My parents don’t need you to worry about them. I would be very angry at this situation.”

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  1. Totally understand Dilraba. Its like when you are working, you separate work and home. Work is work, home is home. Those ppl should separate Dilraba work and home separately. Beside they should worry about their own not someone else. Dilraba is a public figure but she has a life of her own and that include her parents. I agree with Dilraba talk about me is fine but don’t go after my parents. Ppl please respect her. Just think if you were in her shoe, how would you feel? Like the saying “treat others how you want to be treated.”

  2. Oh God!!! Please Do not involve her parents. Please respect her privacy. You can stalk Dilraba by herself who she is dating but again please leave her parents alone. I understand Dilraba she just want to protect her parents and not want them to worry. If I were Dilraba I will take some steps to sue them. I will teach them a lessonz

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