Man Rushes on Stage to Propose to Dilraba During Livestream

Man Rushes on Stage to Propose to Dilraba During Livestream

There have been plenty of incidents with crazy fans rushing on stage and trying to get close to their idols. Sometimes, these fans can be apprehended before they cross the boundaries, but a lot of times, they are able to get past security and rush on stage. Dilraba (迪丽热巴) was at a HunanTV livestream event that combatted poverty on June 7. A man suddenly rushes up on stage and starts proposing to Dilraba on bended knee.

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Fortunately, the renowned host, Wang Han (汪涵), immediately came in between the man and Dilraba, while still on air. Wang Han held the man’s hand and said, “Oh really? You like it? You totally can. Really good. You can place an order. Let our staff members bring this man down and teach him how to place an order.” Once the staff members got on stage to bring the man down, he was reluctant to leave. Da Zhang Wei, Liu Yuning, and Neil Gao (高天鹤), who were standing on the other side, immediately formed a blockade protecting Dilraba from the man being dragged away by the staff members.

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Dilraba remained calm and collected while all this was happening. Afterwards, Dilraba continued on promoting the products as if nothing happened. She even said, “Really feel everyone’s passion wanting to quickly place an order.” Wang Han was also trending on Weibo for his quick thinking and high EQ in handling the matter calmly. Dilraba’s official fan club also issued a statement saying they had confirmed with her studio that the perpetrator was already sent to the police bureau. They revealed this man is a repeated offender who had been following and harassing Dilraba for half a year now. He also attempted to enter her RV while she was filming. They also spoke with the studio to increase security.

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