“CHUANG 2020” Trainee, Jiang Zhenyu, Told By Doctors She Might Never Dance Again After Injury

Tencent’s third season of their Produce 101 China series, “CHUANG 2020”, has been the most cutthroat season as there are only 7 debut spots this year. In the first meeting, the top trainees had to go into rounds of freestyle battles in order to get into the top level, which only contained 7 positions. The top 7 spots remained relatively the same in the last few weeks. The second round of elimination is coming very soon. This is a crucial time for trainee, Jiang Zhenyu, who sustained a serious injury last week. She is currently in 9th place based on the June 4th ranking.

“CHUANG 2020” Trainee, Jiang Zhenyu, Withdraws from Competition

“CHUANG 2020” Trainee, Jiang Zhenyu, Updates on Her Injury Condition After Suspending Filming

On June 3, the show issued a statement saying she would temporarily halt filming while she received treatment. On June 4, Jiang Zhenyu gave an update on her condition in a lengthy Weibo post. The diagnosis she received from doctors confirmed the grim news she had on her mind all along. Her post didn’t provide much clarity as to whether she would withdraw from the show or continue on, but her injury seems to be quite serious as she is confined to bed rest.

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On June 7, Tencent released a clip of Jiang Zhenyu being interviewed by the show while staying in a hotel wearing a neck brace in Shenzhen. She mentioned missing the castle and has never slept for so long before. Jiang Zhenyu got emotional talking about how sad she was when she woke up and saw the ceiling of the hotel and not the castle’s. She was told by the doctors that she might never dance again. She revealed how she never knew the stage until people were screaming out her name in her last performance, “Times”. Jiang Zhenyu also expressed it would be unfair for the other trainees if she resumed the competition after she recovers.

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The interviewer then tells her the founders have been voting for her to be the vocal in the next public performance. After listening to a song, Jiang Zhenyu asks the interviewer if she can still return to the competition after she recovers. The next scene, Jiang Zhenyu asks, “Jiejie, do you guys have any way?”, presumably asking her if there were any other ways she could continue competing.

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Afterwards Jiang Zhenyu’s group members, Liu Xiening (刘些宁), Hu Jiaxin (胡嘉欣), Kang Xi (康汐) and Xie Anran (谢安然), went to visit her. Once they entered the room, Jiang Zhenyu immediately started crying. The girls tried to comfort her saying they didn’t do well in their performance for “Riding My Favorite Moped”, and said it was a good thing she wasn’t there. They also weren’t able to participate in an event because their Most Voted trainee wasn’t around, which brought Jiang Zhenyu to tears, as she felt she was bringing the group down. The girls consoled her saying they weren’t trying to guilt trip her. They were only filling her in what happened in the past two days. Jiang Zhenyu rallied the girls to keep on fighting while crying.

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Before the girls left, Liu Xiening wanted to talk to Jiang Zhenyu in private without being recorded. While their exchange wasn’t recorded, the cameras were filming the other three girls waiting outside the room.

Jiang Zhenyu’s cries to Liu Xiening were heard and fans were able to decipher one sentence she said, “我跳不起来了”, which can be translated as “I can’t dance anymore.” or “I can’t jump anymore.”

This is extremely devastating for Jiang Zhenyu especially since she was previously in the top 7 and has already come so far into the competition. Hopefully, she can recover soon and join the competition again.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2), CHUANG 2020 Youtube, WeTV

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