“Produce Camp 2020” Trainee, Liu Meng, Calls Her Fans “Mama”

"Produce Camp 2020" Trainee, Liu Meng, Calls Her Fans "Mama"

Liu Meng (刘梦), also known as LapMoby, is one of the most popular trainees on Tencent’s upcoming female idol group survival show, “Produce Camp 2020”. She was initially believed to be joining iQiyi’s “Youth With You 2020”. LapMoby already had over 1 million Weibo followers before she joined the show. She first garnered interest when she first signed to Jaywalk NewJoy (嘉行新悦), which focuses on cultivating idols. The company is a subsidiary of Yang Mi’s (杨幂) management company, Jaywalk Studio. LapMoby is known for her androgynous looks and has a nickname for being “the most handsome girl”.

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The show is currently filming right now. A bunch of her fans saw her while she was filming and asked her, “Do you have money to spend? Mama will save some money for you guys, ok?” Liu Meng quickly responds, “No need. Thank you, mama.” This elicited screams from the “mama fans”.

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P.S. In Chinese fandom culture, there are different categories of fans. They like to group themselves and be treated based on how they categorize their relationship with the idol. For example, there are “jiejie (older sister) fans”, “girlfriend fans”, “mama fans”, etc.

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LapMoby’s twin sister, Liu Bei, also known as “Ma Dou Da Lao” (麻豆大佬).

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