“Produce Camp 2020” Trainee, Winnie Zhong Feifei, Suffers Racial Abuse on Weibo for Her Chinese-Congolese Heritage

"Produce Camp 2020" Trainee, Winnie Zhong Feifei, Suffers Racial Abuse on Weibo for Her Chinese-Congolese Heritage

Tencent announced all the 101 female trainees on April 8 for their survival show, “CHUANG 2020”. Pictures of the trainees and promotional materials were released, which already got netizens excited. This year, there is a Chinese-Congolese trainee, Winnie Zhong Feifei (仲菲菲), who has garnered a lot of interest among fans. The 24 year old trainee was born to a Chinese mother and a Congolese father in Liaoning, China. She speaks perfect Chinese with a Northern accent. She is also an ace student. She did her undergrad studies at Boston University and is a graduate student at John Hopkins University studying Intelligence and Counter-terrorism.

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Winnie Zhong mentioned she is normally a B student. She was also the youngest person (22) in her graduate studies program where the average age is 28.

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Despite China promoting to be a diverse country with 56 ethnic minorities and celebrates the differences in cultures, a lot of people are still quite small-minded and ignorant. In an older vlog, Winnie Zhong had talked about managing her hair. She had straight permed her hair once in the fourth grade because that was the first time she felt people treating her like a foreigner. When she was younger, she thought having the same hair type as her classmates would stop them from treating her like a foreigner. She later realized in high school that this way of thinking was absurd, so now she lets her curly hair grow out naturally.

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Vlog about managing her hair: http://t.cn/EyspLAW?m=4315703408511880&u=2670616440

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Before it was announced Winnie Zhong would be a trainee, netizens were already discriminating against her. Back in November 2019, someone left a comment saying, “Just thinking a bunch of mixed people from now on will proudly call themselves “Descendants of the Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor” (reference to being descendants of Han Chinese), “Descendants of the Dragon” (another reference to being descendants of Han Chinese), don’t even know if the ancestors in hell would be mad!” Winnie Zhong clapped back, “If you don’t know, then go down there (hell) and ask. I am a living person and can’t respond to these type of questions.”

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Even though Winnie Zhong is as local of a Chinese there is and despite her academic achievements, a lot of netizens started attacking her mixed background after she was announced as a trainee on “CHUANG 2020”. She became a target of racial discrimination with many netizens using transliterated Chinese characters of the “n word” to berate her on her Weibo posts. Other racist comments include, “Go back to Africa”, “Have you met your father before?”, and other hate messages.

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Thankfully, there were just as much people supporting Winnie Zhong and condemning the racist attacks in the comments. A number of netizens praised Winnie Zhong for her looks and supported her joining the show. Comments include, “She is Chinese. The people yelling at her aren’t Chinese, right?”, “I also want to have this skin tone.”, “I am speechless at these racists. Jiejie, you’re so pretty. Don’t pay any attention to them.”, “When it’s a Chinese-African mix, you guys speak out. When it’s a Chinese-European mix, you guys don’t dare utter a word. In the end, you guys are afraid of going against white people. You can only go bully black people whose status is already low. These are Chinese men.”

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International fans have also shown a lot of support for Winnie Zhong and rallied for people to show support. Her IG account went from the low thousands to almost 16,000 followers and growing overnight.

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  1. You’re sick! Remember when you point a finger just realize you have three fingers pointing back at you. SOmeday when you’re a ugly old man you’ll be treated the same way. I hope tragety befalls you before then

  2. An intelligent queen, but like why would someone who is super smart and got in John Hopkins join a chinese variety show? And major in Intelligence and Counter terrorism at that lol im curious. Im glad too see uncommon features on shows now, like with short hair on Youth with you. They all rock. Wonder about her position too hmm

  3. Her mother probably fetishizes black men. Blame her mother. Asian women are ill equipped to raise half Asian children.

    1. wtaf are you talking about, people like you with your racist & misogynist views -spewing out ignorance from the cesspools of your minds should be banned from the internet (not because of your ill comments, but the sheer embarrassment that we have people who still think backwards in this day and age).And Asian women are well equipped to raise their half Asian children, dipshit what does race have to do with it.

    2. I don’t usually comment, but I really can’t hold back. Your comment is just wrong on so many level I don’t even know where to begin…
      What do you mean by ill-equipped? Has the daughter been raised wrongly? From her academic achievements and her confidence, I think she’s been raised quite well – better than some rich Asian/half-Asian kids I know. Regardless of the race, some women are just not fit to be a mother (especially those who have mind as narrow as yours), whether the kids are half or not. ZFF’s mother, however, has done a pretty good job from my point of view.

      As for “probably” fetishizing black me… God, is there any news/information indicating that? Just because you said probably doesn’t make you less judgmental you know.

      The Asian woman you said to be ill-equipped to raise a half-Asian child has raised a beautiful, smart, and confident daughter. How about you?

    3. Lmao just go on r/hapas or subreddits for half black people. Full of mixed race people who grew up through so much trauma because of their Asian mothers and racist fathers on r/hapas. Feifei’s mother is definitely one of those non black women who fetishise black men and don’t care about what struggles her half Asian child would go through. Asian women have messed up so many Asian/Asian looking children.

      1. r/hapa is full of half-White/half-Asian people. Whenever Asians use the word “hapa” to describe someone, they’re usually referring to half-White/half-Asian kids anyway. A lot of Wasian men struggle too, especially if their mother is Asian.

      1. I’m sorry I mistook the meaning of you comment forgive me. I was feeding off the guy that made the initial comment. I’m so sorry, you’re beautiful.

  4. She is super cute!

    It’s cause of this type of colorism and prejudice that even I don’t wanna own my Chinese heritage. Those supporters were spot on in their critiques.

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