Johnny Huang Jingyu Issues Statement Refuting Domestic Abuse Allegations

Johnny Huang Jingyu Ex-Girlfriend Wang Yuxin

Chinese heartthrob actor, Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) has only been in the industry for two years, but he shot to immediate stardom through the web series, “Addicted” (上癮).  With popularity, rumors will inevitability follow.  Johnny Huang Jingyu is the latest star embroiled in a domestic abuse scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Wang Yuxin (王雨馨), who is six years his senior.  

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The scandal started when a Weibo user with the name “凹凸不平up”, uploaded a post in October that stated Johnny Huang Jingyu was already married to Wang Yuxin with a daughter.  The Weibo user also alleges that the couple divorced due to domestic abuse altercations.  At that time, Johnny Huang Jingyu’s team immediately refuted those claims.  

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As if that wasn’t enough, the same Weibo user revealed many intimate pictures of them two, including an alleged ripped apart marriage picture, and a picture of Wang Yuxin with Johnny Huang Jingyu and his family. There was also a picture of Wang Yuxin’s swollen face taken by doctors as proof of her facial injuries.  Aside from the domestic abuse allegations, the user also posted, “While your wife was mourning your grandmother, did your grandmother know you were sleeping with other women and wouldn’t come home?”  The user also added a message to the actress, Zhang Yishang (張藝上), who allegedly broke the couple apart, saying, “Shang Shang, you have to be careful.”, hinting that she would be the next victim.

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As these are serious allegations, Johnny Huang Jingyu’s work studio finally issued an official statement through his lawyers on November 4th that said: 

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“Mr. Huang Jingyu and Ms. Wang Yuxin have amicably broke up.  During their time together, there were no acts of domestic abuse altercations.  The users who are using Ms. Wang’s personal pictures to make up lies and accuse Mr. Huang Jingyu of domestic abuse are egregious acts of defamation and libel.  This was a well organized and planned out attack that followed a rhythmic pattern in the way the rumors were circulated.”

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The statement went on to say that they will be going taking legal actions against those who continue to spread false and malicious lies about Johnny Huang Jingyu.

Credit:,, Sohu Weibo, Johnny Huang Jingyu Weibo

7 thoughts on “Johnny Huang Jingyu Issues Statement Refuting Domestic Abuse Allegations

  1. Sorry to say, I am a woman and should support my fellow woman but in this case, I don’t believe in Wang’s story or the uploaded of these story: “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Some women can actually connive to mar a man’s reputation for simply abandoning them; this case lacks many solid proofs I mean concrete police evidence proofs. Johnny all the best. Fighting!!

  2. 1. It’s like a woman crying rape! 2. Most women get heartbroken but how many commit suicide 2 years after? N she claims there was a gf after her Shang Shang… so she has emo weakness at the start #3. Where’s divorce paper? Why didn’t they produce it when they were sued for libel to prove authenticity of marriage cert? 4. Domestic violence photos, why didn’t they produce police report to disprove allergy rash? #5 why did they not appeal if all docs were true n witnesses #6 she took him on when he’s only 26, struggling in a big city#7. She got bothered by his cheating but Addicted project still okay with her? Didn’t she get worried for him when his project got banned?
    #8 Always at least 3 sides to a story, her side, his side n the whole truth!?!? N court has decided…

  3. I really feel sad if all these news are true..If its true then this person needs treatment and try behave with more kindness.

  4. I believe Wang Yun Xi.

    Actors in china you can not trust them. Especially Johnny Huang.

    Shang Shang even broke with him after this scandal.

    Pity Wang Yun Xì. She was his neighbour..had to bare all of this. Ordinary people can not do anything against famous people in most of Asia countries.

  5. May I suggest another scenario… Johnny was being abused by his older girlfriend. There are over 20-30 million men in the United States of America who are abused by women; I wonder what the percentage is in China and Asia? Men are now brave enough to call the police at the onset to report the crime. I’ve never been abuse physically so I don’t know what that feeling is like. Luckily for me, my military training is a Godsend… and I do know how to dial 911. So, if my scenario is plausible, I pray for the alleged victim to report the crime. A silent truth is still a lie waiting to be revealed. However, the wedding thing… isn’t that easily verified? the clerk has a record, which any citizen can view on line or at the civil office. Right? I feel bad for him… it’s a cloud i wouldn’t wish on my enemy.

  6. When it comes to driving someone threw the mud ,it truly pains me.. Truly they cannot see the true character of this man ..
    ( I know all man can carry out the capability to hurt ..)
    But thus is not the character of Johnny .
    I’m not wrong when I can see a true character of a man over someone petty women ,who wants to do harm..
    It’s sad that what has come to Johnny and I hope he can build himself…

    1. Domestic abuse and sexual molestation is the quickest way to ruin a person’s reputation… and unfortunately it is the oldest trick in the book. It is a slanderous crime that is always accepted first without proof, and in the mean time… the accused cannot run and hide forcing him or her to prove their innocence… I wish Johnny the best of luck… and to stay away from older women… LOL, jealousy and a younger man is a bitter pill that he or she cannot swallow. After all… he is very good looking…

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