Timmy Xu Weizhou Recounts Aftermath When “Addicted” was Taken Down

Timmy Xu Weizhou Recounts Aftermath When Addicted was Taken Down

Back in 2016, a low budget web series called, “Addicted” (上瘾), became the catalyst that set off a trend of drama adaptations based on BL novels. The main cast consisted of new actors who had little to no prior acting experience. The series became an international hit and catapulted the two main leads, Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) and Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲), into overnight stardom. However, this was the first series of its genre to be aired in China. While it was a ratings success, before the drama finished airing on iQiyi with only three episodes left, “Addicted” was taken down from all Chinese streaming sites ordered by the NRTA due to the gay and explicit content.

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“Addicted” poster

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Due to the removal of the series, Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu were also banned from appearing together on television or at any event. Prior to their banning, they filmed an episode of “Happy Camp” (快乐大本营) together, but it was never aired. Their appearance on another variety show was also blurred out. When they attended the “Addicted” fan meeting in Thailand, they would be separated by bodyguards if they were in the same shot or standing together.

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Timmy Xu posted this picture with Johnny Huang, which says, “Me 6, you 2”, back in 2016 in a now deleted post.

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On the latest episode of variety show, “Let Life Look Good” (lit. 让生活好看), the group starts talking about things they can’t stop thinking about and is constantly on their mind. When it came to Timmy Xu’s turn, he said he doesn’t have anything that he can’t forget about. Zheng Shuang (郑爽) then asks him about “the series that was taken down”. While she doesn’t directly name it, it’s assumed she’s referring to “Addicted”.

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Timmy Xu candidly talks about the aftermath of what happened, saying, “After that incident happened, there were no other dramas. No other drama came to look for me. There was a period of time, the impact was especially big. Why did I need to ride such a big roller coaster, I was riding at the top and then dropped all the way to the bottom. When I debuted, I was a normal person. My heart was completely unprepared. For one month, I was basically at home. I had nothing to do either. Then I said, this isn’t working. I must come out and work. Whatever work there was, I would accept, but there was no work looking for me.”

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Timmy Xu explaining there were no dramas looking for him at the time.

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Zheng Shuang then asks him, “After that happened, when did you get your first job?” Timmy Xu responds, “I made music. I released my own album by myself. In the beginning, there were no channels selling it. That’s why I was very grateful at that time my fans were very supportive of me. They knew about my situation. Afterwards, I slowly started to shoot some magazines and other things. Slowly, there were dramas looking for me. So after a few years, like last year, I was filming throughout the entire year. I still have three series that haven’t aired yet. Afterwards, I was already on the right path.”

Timmy Xu thanking his fan club for supporting his album, “Light”, at the time.

To this day, Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu still haven’t worked together or been seen together in any public events. Last year, fans got excited when the author and producer behind the “Addicted” series and novel, Chai Jidan, posted a picture of filming in progress of two men in bed. When netizens asked if she was filming “Addicted 2”, she responded to netizens that the second installment was a new script and filming in Taiwan.

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24 thoughts on “Timmy Xu Weizhou Recounts Aftermath When “Addicted” was Taken Down

  1. Ive just watched this for the 1st time and I cannot believe it was canceled and the lead actors were forced to part ways and not allowed to work together again. That really makes me mad because I think in real life Timmy and Johnny would have been the bestest of friends maybe even boyfriends. We all know in 2016 gay people weren’t accepted like they are now but still how do you ruin 2 people lives over a tv show about 2 boys loving each other 🤦🏻‍♀️.
    Seriously how did anyone let that happen to them.
    You can see they have chemistry together and I’m sad knowing that didn’t get to be in each other lives even up until this day.
    I wish they had of went overseas and filmed there and realized the world outside of china is way more accepting of gay people.
    That making the show addicted was nothing bad and there is nothing wrong with men loving men and women loving woman.
    Timmy and Johnny deserved to be treated better than they were.
    They deserved the right to remain in each others lives.

  2. I watched addicted for maybe the 10th time now💔💔💔 please addicted s2 finish soon and be as addicted as the 15 eps❤️

  3. Bai louyin and Gu Hai there acting is very natural and They have Very Powerful chemistry Thats why I can’t wait the next part 🥺 I’m overthinking what’s gonna happen in next episode 🥺 Go Direct! I love you and I will support you!!! (Sorry for my English)

  4. I live in us and honestly i love seen gu Hai and bai Lou yin together they have inspire me so much and I have understand many things I couldn’t on the past I feel relive and good about these series and I’m addicted to it please in s2 let them be the same characters they deserved it and if characters get changed it would be the same i love Johnny huang and Timmy Xu please let them finish the series those too are the best and they know how to act I hope they can finish these series and success more in the future and don’t banned them again my love for them is big and I support them a lot.. all my love for Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu keep it up guys yall have my heart.

  5. Because of the way the Chinese authorities treated Timmy Xu and Johnny Huang, we can be 100% sure that the leads will not be them in Season 2. Even if this is in Taiwan, I would be fearful that mainland China would still reprimand both of them for doing the show. Both actors are becoming quite successful now. If I were them, I would be a bit fearful of what China would do as well.

  6. I almost watched the whole episodes in 3 times, I like the content, because it tooks about what love really is.. and for my suggestion kindly please release the next part coz I’m so really addicted in this story… I’m still waiting for the next to come.. we love you Timmy Xu and Johnny Huang.

  7. I can’t wait for season 2!! Me and my friend loved the show so much! We watched the whole thing in like one sitting basically 😂

  8. So season 2 is happening?? I will be so much more happier if the same actors appears in season 2. To be honest I cannot watch Johnny kissing any other actress(girls) in other dramas, it breaks my heart . The chemistry of Johnny and Timmy was so good that watching it js impposible to watch any other dramas . Waiting anxiously for season 2.

  9. Sad that this series has left him with bad memory – know that we had your backs and had not because of addicted then we wouldnt have known you both . And look at where you are both now . We will never let go of our memory of you and gu hai .

  10. Season 2 one of them will marry a girl. It is a Chinese drama I have seen. So don’t be shocked to see the two characters break up.

  11. Each country has its own rules. But, jiayou zhouzhou, and of course jiayou yuyu. Cant wait for addicted ii if itll be true. #yuzhou #zhouzhou #jingyu #addicted #addictedii #chaijidan #chinesebl

  12. I don’t understand why China would go as far as to ban even the actors from appearing together I mean aren’t all the good bl stories from China? Anyway I’m very happy a part 2 is coming out. We’ll continue to support you.

  13. I live in the US and I was able to see Addicted on Viki TV. I fell in love with both characters and their story. I especially love the fact that Johnny’s character is not afraid to show his love for Timmy’s character. It felt genuine to me and I’m looking forward to seeing S2. I hope the ending will be a happy one. I’ve my fill of sad endings.

    1. I also live in the US. I also watched addicted on viki and loved it so much. I love k-drama so much and rarely watch anything else now.

  14. LOVED this series and felt bereft when it finished. Although I wasn’t at all a fan of the couple of non-consent kisses, I found that I missed the characters and their relationships. Wouldn’t mind seeing the ENTIRE first series as, to be fair, people worked hard to bring the project to completion and after the first few episodes you should already have a clue about the themes involved and if this isn’t for you, don’t complain just feel free to use your own judgement and switch off or switch over if the subject matter is not for you. I can’t wait for series 2! Yay!

  15. i am an avid fan of ADDICTED..i really like Gu Hai & Bai Louyin love for each other…and i’m waiting for a part 2 😄👬🌈💜❤️

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