Author Confirms “Addicted 2” is Happening, Series is Filming in Taiwan

Author Confirms "Addicted 2" is Happening, Series is Filming in Taiwan

Taiwanese news outlet, exclusively reports the sequel to the 2016 dark horse web drama, “Addicted” (上瘾) has been confirmed. The series was adapted from a novel written by author, Chai Jidan (柴鸡蛋). The first installment starred Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) and Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲) in the lead roles and brought them overnight stardom. However, because the series touched on sensitive subjects in China, many of the risqué scenes were edited out and the whole series was eventually removed due to censorship.

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Chai Jidan teased fans on Weibo with this picture and caption on June 21: “Already started filming. Double happiness.” Fans were quick to ask her “Addicted 2”? Chai Jidan responded back, “The second installment is filming in Taiwan.” However, fans were worried about the sequel not starring the original actors.

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Author Confirms "Addicted 2" is Happening, Series is Filming in Taiwan

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They left comments such as: “Teacher Chai, you said you wouldn’t film “Addicted” if it wasn’t with the original cast.”, “If it’s not with the original cast, seriously don’t film it. YuZhou (瑜洲) girls can’t handle the pain. Dan Dan (Chai Jidan), you need to be calm and collected or else the new actors will be compared to the original ones and will be yelled at to death!”, “If it’s really not with the original cast, then don’t film it. Leave us with a unique set of memories.” Luckily, Chai Jidan assured her fans saying, “This is a newly created script by me.”, hinting it won’t be the same characters or actors from the first series.

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The cast hasn’t been revealed yet.

Credit:, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

47 thoughts on “Author Confirms “Addicted 2” is Happening, Series is Filming in Taiwan

  1. Hello I finished watching AH this evening now im here desperately lookin for an answer why still there’s no season 2 we need it now and same cast pleaseeee do not break our hearts pleaseeeeee im cryin right now

  2. Plz I just finished watching the series and I don’t seems to get my self now because of the fact that the series was banned after watching to episode 15.
    And when I saw the news that the series was unofficial banned and the to actors whire told not to appear on TV again my heart melted so plz if they are ready to continue the series plz make sure you inform me if they are really ready to start with the same actors cuz I’m not thinking straight now.

  3. It would be amazing if it was Sam and Yu from We Best Love, took on the roles especially with their chemistry. Or the main lead actors from Make Our Days Count. I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind so much if the actors changed then.

  4. I love this series despite the rough editing/deleted scenes and the fact that only 15 of the 19 (?) episodes aired. If there is to be a season 2, I think there should be a remake of season 1 using the new cast members and the story line should follow the book story line more closely. But either way, I look forward to seeing it!

  5. I just wanna be to watch season 2 with same cast but this will be happen or not i don’t know. I am waiting to watch next season. Next season will not happen in same cast my heart will broken.
    In other words, why only 15 episodes in season 1. The last episode is not a happen ending. What happen bai luo yin’s girlfriend came to his school. I just want to watch missing or hidden episodes.

  6. i also prefer not to have addicted 2 if not with the same cast. it’s so suitable for them to shoot the story with the storyline 8 years after they broke up

  7. At this point I don’t care if it’s a new cast cause they’ve grown and moved on since then, I will just be glad to finally see a whole story line instead of what happened before seeing as they didn’t even get to finish the story line. I’m just happy that they are doing it at all also I just hope that if it is a new cast they won’t be harassed or constantly compared to the original performance.

  8. can they just let them film in Taiwan with the original cast? cause like for me as a fan i’m really disappointed by their decision to Make Addicted 2, If it wasn’t the same cast, can’t they atleast change the title and not use the title Addicted 2 for views?

    1. I agree with hoping that they make season 2.. Almost 4 yrs we are waiting for them. And excited to see them again 😊Every day I miss Bai Louyin and Gu hai 😢

    1. Yes please ….. we really want the same cast in addicted season2 😢🙇🙇👬❤💙💚💛💜💕

    2. its not even possible anymore its been too long they are no longer nobody’s they are famous now, even though Addicted shot them to that stardom they would never go back.

  9. 😍🥰💕I have really big group of friends and we all are hv been waiting from long back when we heard this news we git crazy we are dying to watch season 2 Please don’t break our heart now we hv been waiting for really long now please don’t cancel or postponed 😩😫

    1. Chai Jidan! We love and support you. Thanks for creating a new script from the novel and supporting us your fans world wide to keep the original memory of our Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu (HaiLuoYin). We are patiently waiting for this second installment. 😍😍😍

  10. Is this real? 😱😱😍😱😍😱😍😍 yes please. I think a lot of people are waiting for this series for so long.

    1. Guys..where can I view the remaining 3 ep of Addicted? Due to the controversy surrounding this BL, I was able to watch up to ep15 and cant find what could have been a good ending…pls help. Thanks!

      1. Usa Rakuten Viky de la Play Store para verlo gratis con solo registrar tu correo electrónico.

      2. there are no more episode after you wont be able to find anywhere because they were never shoot after 15…so just wait for season 2…best luck

  11. Director please please we your fans and their fans wanted with the same character and actor.. we’ll be patience … I am addicted with addicted…

    1. Pls same actor maybe the shooting in taiwan but i hope the original actor is the main actor

  12. Jiejie read news posted 25 June re Addicted only today 16 Sept. Almost 3 mths passed. It’s surpising news to me bc I’ve settled coming to terms there won’t be any sequel to Addicted Pt 2 till China overturns the ban on Yaoi BL web series. Def a fan of Addicted and have watched it repeatedly 3-4 times whenever I miss Gu Hai and Bai LuoYin. Having read the Chai Jidan’s novel 100++ chptrs on Wattpad, I kinda of said consoling myself ‘OK now PRC censorship board banned among other genre BL series, if to follow the development of Jidan’s story, GH and BLY will not be reunited until after 8 yrs of forced separation secretly and meticulously planned by their parents. But 8 yrs is too long await but was hoping btwn the time PRC censorship would have eased up and ban lifted say 4-5 yrs from now. So I thought and imagined both XuXu and Johnny would have matured and looked their in the novel age 26-28 yrs old (?) when their character roles reunited on screen! So rightly timed and suitable – so I thought. told myself be just be patient and wait. Suddenly today the news Chai Jidan’s started filming Addicted 2. Yikes! Wasn’t prepared with the news. Then run thru comments by others here abt perhaps other actors filling in the role, my heart sank like a Titanic sinking ship! No, that can be? No can’t do! It’ll be a huge mistake if Chai Jidan’s in haste to do a sequel casted different actors for the role. Why? I like to use this in communication contect in sending out msgs text and/or visuals the mental effect of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. It’s the state of mind (the viewer’s mind) of what you’re used to seeing didn’t sync and tally with what was already embedded in ur mind. So what happens? The mind simply rejects it! Unacceptable in comparison to what has been previously established and hailed as the norm or natural. In other words XuXu and Johnny somehow inevitably automatically in minds of viewers have sole proprietorship to the characters of GH and BLY!!! It’s strange but that’s how the mind works psychologically and emotionally. Viewers of Addicted have invested their soul and emo into XuXu & Johnny. Period! Any other actors would could invite not only sheer rejection but emotional fan outright comparison and criticisms – a heavy price to pay and pity the actors trying to fill the big fame shoes. Though Chai Jidan had stated it’s ..’ newly created script by me’ she should avoid to even allude to the story context of Addicted. The script could be different but the story-telling would/could reflect somewhat similar story context. If so it could invite severe comparison and criticism. Just hang on be patient perhaps in 4 to 5 yrs time China censorship may perhaps be more accepting and relax its talons of such BL genre. BTW it’s already surreptitiously done so with the recent ‘box-office’ hailed The Untamed. You wonder how come I said ‘surreptitiosly’? Well a split-sec flash scene of EP 5 of The Untamed undrscored and set the SS/BL theme of the 50 episode series. It’d take a sharp discerning eyes to catch the split-sec hilarious library scene btwn Wei Wuxian & Lan Wanji to capture it. Viewers need to freeze the nanosec scene to capture the rather explicit tacit theme of The Untamed! It’s brillaint creative ingenuity of the director/producer to insert China’s ancient classic graphic text.Simply brilliant – I fly to the moon and return to earth – LOLROF. But ofc the final closing scene up withWuxian alone in the cold scenic mountainous region turning around in an instant smiling ear2ear his name being softly called out – that was a ‘piece de resistance’ closing scene for Yaoi lovers like me! And it’s mainland China production mind you. So hang on there CJD with Addicted 2 with same casts. But the big Q is having achieved fame in other drama/film genre would Johnny Huang Jingyu and Timmy Xu Weizhou be willing to make a comeback to Addicted 2 reprising same BL roles?? Let’s bow our heads in prayers…hihihi > ; -}

    Apology any typo errors!

    1. Since it’s filming in Taiwan, I’m guessing the series will be airing there instead.

      After Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu got blacklisted the first time around, I highly doubt they will reprise their roles. It would do a lot of harm to their careers.

    2. I loved Xu and Huang too. Maybe they will get together in another project to film, like in agent drama, police drama or action. Hope is the last thing one looses. So we are hopefully….:)))

  13. if Aruthar chai jadan was bit sensible she should not shoot addicted first season in china then bane not happened & we can able to watched full series with all cast
    😝 ,because every person with bit knowledge know that how every country react about LGBT topic also addicted story was senstiv,as by force sex,Step brother,Army officials,write,director should be more carefull

    1. This is also right. But they want to have independent filming,. China needs to get used to those kind of films, since it s a huge Continent 🙂 ……..

  14. If it’s a newly created script? does that mean that it isn’t Addicted at all? but the article headline said; confirms Addicted 2 is happening. Or is it something like, [Addicted1:Heroin] and [Addicted2: ???] ?
    Oh my god, my poor heart is just longing for YuZhou….

    1. Hello tell me but it will be with the same cast right? I love BL and you more but if it is not see because without them is not the same .. I await an answer please! Reply Comments

    1. I’m too happy with the news….but if will not be the same cast…I am going to be so heartbroken…😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

      1. I am a bit of doubtful for the series 2 will be played by same actors/casts because on the issue of “LBTQ-themed tv series” strictly regulated in China.

        Unfortunately, both Johnny and Timmy who played the characters were based in mainland China…anyhow…let’s cross our fingers that they will accept the role..ciao…..jes dubai

        1. Chai Jidan pretty much confirmed it won’t be the same cast because this is a new script. Fans were worried they were using new actors to portray the same characters from the first series, which isn’t the case.

          1. Oh God almighty knows that my love for BL series(asian to be precise) is the G.O.A.T.
            Beloved director, pls and pls we need a suppressant asap. This wait is causing me unbearable pain.

        2. I love this serie💙💙 and if there is going to be 2 season it will be wonderful but please i am coming if it is the same actors … so tell me are they the same ?? 😒😢

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