2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant Hopefuls to Watch Out For

2019 Miss Hong Kong Winners List

The following interviewees received the most press coverage after the first round of interviews for the 2019 Miss Hong Kong (香港小姐) pageant. Which participants are you most interested in?

Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong’s, Background and Boyfriend Revealed

Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣)

2019 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Swim Suit Edition: Kayan Choi’s Tattoo is Missing

Heading into the first round of interviews, Kayan Choi, was already one of the stand out participants for this year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant. Hailed as the “Bootleg Ashley Chu,” the 25 year old already has some exposure in the entertainment industry being a Youtuber, KOL, and model. Reporters already dug up her background and found out she used to date a TVB actor, Felix Ng.

Katy Yeung (楊詠彤)

Eliminated Miss Hong Kong 2019 Contestant, Katy Yeung, Accused of Being a Gold Digger

Katy Yeung stands at 178 cm (~5’10”). She currently studies Criminology at the City University of Hong Kong. She is signed with modeling agency, Model Genesis

Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯)

Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong, Accused of Being a Third Party

Carmaney Wong, real name: Wong Ka Man, actually joined the 2018 Miss International competition, but didn’t win. She started out as a model in 2013.

2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Carmaney Wong, Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestants Finalized

Brittany Wang (王彥人)

Brittany Wang is a 19 year old student from University of Southern California (USC).


2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant Hopeful, Kayan Choi, Dated a TVB Actor

Eleanor Clark-Burton (梁靖嵐)

Eleanor Clark-Burton is a Chinese and British hapa. Her mom is from Hong Kong, while her dad is British. The 18 year old had studied in Sydney before returning back to Hong Kong. She is currently a model.

Mercedes Pair (彭美詩)

The 26 year old is actually no stranger to the industry. Mercedes Pair is a model, actress, MC, and radio host. She is mixed with Chinese, German, and Spanish ancestry, but was born and grew up in Hong Kong. She has quite the experience in pageantry as she joined the 2016 ViuTV beauty competition, “The Queen of D.n.A” (美選D.n.A). After that, she joined the Miss Tourism International pageant and won first place for the Hong Kong region. Last year, she represented Hong Kong in the 2018 Miss World Noble Queen International pageant.


Ashley Wong (黃雍祺)

The California native attends George Washington University in DC. She spent a semester studying in Hong Kong.

Blossom Chan (陳熙蕊)

Blossom Chan is currently a beauty consultant. She previously auditioned for the fourth season of “Sing! China” in April for the Australian region. She also her own Youtube channel. It seems she moved from Australia to the US recently.

Credit: hk01.com (1, 2, 3), Apple Daily HK (1, 2)

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