Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong’s, Background and Boyfriend Revealed

Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong's Background and Boyfriend Revealed

As the newly minted Miss Hong Kong 2019 champion, Carmaney Wong’s (黃嘉雯) background was bound to be dug up. Just a day into being crowned Miss Hong Kong, the media has already managed to dig up Carmaney Wong’s socioeconomic status, her ex-boyfriend, and her current boyfriend. So what is the 411 on Carmaney Wong?

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Carmaney Wong was born in 1993 and debuted as a model in 2013. Based on her Instagram, she already had some experience competing in pageants and dabbled in showbiz already. After winning the title, Carmaney Wong revealed she likes to act and hopes to sign with TVB to film series. That probably won’t be a problem since she had the nickname as a “delicate version of Kenix Kwok (郭可盈)” during the whole pageant process.

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It’s reported Carmaney Wong comes from a wealthy family. Her family’s home is an 1,800 square feet mansion, reportedly worth 50 million HKD. Before the pageant finals, Carmaney Wong didn’t deny the reports on her family’s home or her wealthy background, but did insist that she was self sufficient and worked for her money. She also didn’t think her background would help with her chances of winning.

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As for her boyfriend, Matej, paparazzi had previously followed them prior to the finals. He was labeled by the media as “Bootleg Thor”. He is said to be a Swiss native that Carmaney Wong had met while vacationing in Germany through a mutual friend. Carmaney Wong revealed he moved to Hong Kong to be with her. The two were dating for over a year and Carmaney Wong had once said, “We’ll still have to face everyone one day. Everyone will know sooner or later.” When asked if she was worried about people digging up his background, Carmaney Wong responded, “His background is clean. There are no problems. He is a regular professional in Marketing. Definitely not a second generation heir.”

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After winning the crown, reporters asked if she would be worried about the “Miss Hong Kong curse” where a good number of Miss Hong Kong contestants or winners end up splitting from their boyfriend. Carmaney Wong said she wasn’t worried and that her boyfriend is very generous and supportive. It was reported Matej advised Carmaney Wong to delete all their pictures on social media to prevent them from being dug up. He was also present at the pageant finals to cheer her on. When asked why her boyfriend didn’t accompany her home, Carmaney Wong revealed the two don’t live together, but he was present to celebrate her victory.

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