Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong, Says This One Thing Differentiates Foreign Men from Hong Kong Men

Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong, Says This One Thing Differentiates Foreign Men from Hong Kong Men

Ever since Miss Hong Kong 2019 champion, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯), took the crown, her life has been extensively reported on by the media. Her boyfriend and her love life were of particular interest to netizens. During the pageant, the media had already labeled her Swiss native boyfriend, Matej, as “Bootleg Thor”. She recently accepted an interview with Oriental Daily News to talk about her romantic relationships.

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Carmaney Wong revealed her boyfriend, Matej, is her second foreigner boyfriend. They’ve been dating for over a year. When talking about relationships, she admits the biggest difference between foreign men and Hong Kong men is their mouths. Carmaney Wong says her boyfriend is a sweet talker and really knows how to make her happy. She also expressed the following about him, “His thoughts are very positive, likes to give compliments, and gave me a lot of encouragement. If he sees you’re pretty, he will directly compliment you. Chinese people are not as generous with compliments.”

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She reiterates she didn’t deliberately choose to date a foreigner. She says the most important thing is that both parties have the right “feel”. Even though Matej is open minded and doesn’t limit Carmaney Wong’s work, he was unhappy seeing netizens leaving negative comments when her past relationships were exposed to the media. Carmaney Wong expressed, “I already expected some people to like me, some people to attack and criticize me. I feel if I didn’t do it, then there’s no need to be afraid. I would take the initiative to tell everything to my boyfriend. We’re both very honest, so he trusts me a lot. However, he gets upset when he Google translates the comments and reads what people are saying. I explain it back to him and make him feel better.”

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Carmaney Wong also expressed, “I am a person full of emotions. I want to be an actor and try acting in costume dramas.”

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  1. Congratulations and well done Carmaney! The world is your oyster and breaking the tradition of going foreign for a partner I life…I like and love. You are your own person, and you will embrace the one who accepts and love the person you are. And especially if you have things in common. “Sweet talker- which man isn’t? Lolz”…its all part of life. But to find that right one, only you will know. So good on you….and good luck with pursuing your dream to become an actress!! All the very best Miss HK 2019

    Love from Fiji

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